Sound from simucube 2 pro

Hi guys,

Just got my new simucube 2 pro and it’s amazing… Just wondering if it’s normal for there to be some noise coming from the wheelbase itself.

Here’s an example of the noise coming from the motor.


Hi, I have given you a clear and firm answer on this in iRacing.

Again, this is absolutely normal, and fine. There is no problem. Zero. Ziltch. Nada.


Was going to say I’ve seen this thread already today :joy:

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Ha Si, lols, yea, for a moment I thought I was seeing double :slight_smile:

Hi Beano, that noise, is it from ball bearing or due to iRacing 60Hz signal?

Perhaps GD can put this into manual to avoid all these inquiries from users.

It’s already covered here, but hard to find unless you know where to look


Hi Andrew,
The bit of sound around servo Center is iRacing 60hz ffb signal. You can test it by setting Slew rate to 0.1 - 0.2…it will disappear…


The noise in the twitch clip is typical reaction of the motor coil windings to the tight torque control loop on the servo drive, and it is normal.


For the record, Mika, I replied the same to him in iRacing forums.

[quote=Phillip Jansen van Rensburg]Alex, that is perfectly normal for the high resolution and fine torque-control these motors are controlled to.

Absolutely zero issues with that bit of ‘white noise’


Is coil whine also normal when the wheel is idle? My SC 2 Sport became much louder a few days ago and is loud from the moment I turn it on. Even when high torque is not enabled. Is that also normal?

That doesn’t sound normal to me.

I have the same as you on my pro. I can hear a noise almost like a fan ( I know there is no fan) as soon as i start it up high torque or not. This is since 1.0.13.

Ye that sounds about right. However mine started on 1.0.10 and nothing changed when I upgraded to 1.0.13.

The sound from my servo is getting louder. I have listened to it closely and it is coming from the front of the servo. I’ts a humming sound that is always present when the e-stop is not depressed, even when the wheel is idle. Is this normal or is this an indicator that something is wrong?