Small MiGe gets very, very hot after some time usage

I have a question regarding MiGe 130st-M10010 regarding the fact that, from a week or so, it tends to get very hot (not that it makes ffb weaker from what I can feel, but it never happened before).

My hardware configuration:

  • drive type : IONI pro
  • Firmware 0.53
  • simracingbay suggested .drc file for Biss-C encoder as loaded profile on Granity (I only lowered the MMC value from 12.90 to 12.00)

For the rest, all seems normal apart from the heating problem.

Could it be related to the latest Firmware anyhow?

Thank you.

Can you measure the temperature of the motor? Difficult to say is something normal or not if there is no exact information. However if the motor does not get over 100 degrees Celsius, there should be very small risk of actual damage to the motor.

But a very high risk for someone to get hurt above of 55°C. Really… I cannot understand answers like this when it is obvious that something is wrong. Do you suggest to do nothing if temperature is below 100°C?

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No, Vranq. In my testing days of the small Mige, I had it running at 70-80deg C.

So yes, depending the torque-levels the user is running at, car and track/sim combination, it can indeed get to scalding hot temperatures. Same as the Lenze - those that have driven these hard for extended periods will know exactly what I am talking about.

As a reference, a hot Latte coffee can be 60-65 deg C easily. I would bet OP temperature was in this 60 deg C range. This would feel ‘very’ hot, but pretty normal for high-torque extended use.

If there is a problem with the Mige servo, which I highly doubt, perhaps the OP needs to take it up with Mige directly, as I m sure he did not purchase this from GD. Why is it their problem ( in your mind) to solve? And why the constant negative rhetoric from you?

Tommi’s Feedback was a good one, tactile heat sensation is relative…best is to measure the actual motor temperature. Or, how would you propose it being done?


If the feel of the shaft is smooth and has not changed, it is unlikely that there is anything wrong with the equipment, with the motor or with the electronics. If there is no temperature information and how long time it has been used to reach certain temperature and with approx what torque level, then for us there is little to be said whether there could be an issue or not or something out of ordinary. One possible cause could be that the user goes and starts to tweak the system by themselves, such as increasing the PSU voltage via the psu voltage trim which could affect how the system performs.

Assuming that the device functions as intended, what could be suggested is not to place your hand (or any other body part) on the motor for so long time periods that you would get burns to yourself. Also, experimenting with a cooling fan could be done if the motor temperature feels uncomfortable hot (some of this is subjective, such as temperature, some feel extremely hot, some feel just hot). However, as Phillip mentioned, as we have not sold nor fully engineered this solution, therefore expecting us to engineer some sort of cooling fan to this should not be expected.

Hi all, thanks for the interest into this post first of all. I never tweaked by myself any of the Granuty settings regarding voltage or anything, just uploaded suggested drc files and nothing more. Servo is behaving regularly when temperature rises, so it doe not affects force feedback. Only thing I can say is that before installing firmware 0.53 it never happened. How could I measure servo temperature? I mean, manually or by going into Granity configurator and looking to the last page with settings value?
Thanks to everybody.

You can use a thermometer. Measure the temperature manually. The simucube electronics does not have any way to measure the temperature of the motor. Most easy to use would likely be infrared thermometer. Other reliable thermometers also could be used. To comment on the temperature is somewhat difficult as an engineer’s perspective if there is no measured temperature.

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Hi guys, I need to ask another thing and I decided to use this thread instead of open a new one, but if you think it might be better I will open a new thread with the same question later on.
So, since friday night I can distinctly feel like a “sand” effect when turning the wheel, both left or right, the effect feels more intense the more force feedback gain I use ingame, every game with no differences.
It happened right after I needed to redo from scratch all rig cable management due to space constraints and new furniture been placed into the room.
Something similar had already happened before (see here : Problem after Win10 update + noise coming from motor), and back then the problem solved by itself, I don’t remember doing something in particular apart from reinstalling Win10 - but I guess it has nothing to do with the current issue.
As you can imagine, this feeling has a big impact on force feedback. I tried listen to the servo without game volume and when it happens a hissing noise can be heard coming from the motor, just like last time it happened. As I said, the only thing I changed the same day it all started had been the placement of the motor cables, but I had been very cautious not to tangle or loop the cables.
Any idea about the reason why it keeps happening, and everytime it is always similar?
I am starting to think it has something to do with the cables themselves…do you think might help getting the fully shielded cables? maybe it has something to do with EMI?