Slight knocking sound when rotating wheel

Thanks, I will contact them. But first I wanted to be sure there is really an issue with the unit.

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As I mentioned, I already tried that, makes no difference. I even rotated the motor shaft with the hub-adapter and clamping device removed but no luck, still a graining sound coming from the motor. I could make a video of that if you like?

Still no luck. Or is such amount of graining normal?

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I’ve just tried mine with the rim off and it super smooth and no noise.

Hi Johan,
Ha, ok, that is not normal. Contact your reseller to get you sorted :wink:



Thanks Beano. I just informed simracingbay and I guess they will start the RMA procedure.

Just a short update to let you guys know how this was solved.

I contacted Tomo at Simracingbay and he immediately (the very same day actually) send me a new unit. Fortunately he had some pro units in stock. Great service and effort from his side.

The new unit is free from any strange noises or graining, so problem fixed for me. Thanks for all the replies and advice.


Well done, Tomo is one of the best in the business. Glad you’re sorted, enjoy your new wheel, Johan.

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Good to hear Johan, and another glowing report about Tomo! I must buy something from him :smiley:

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Yes Tomo is the best!

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