Simucube wheel project

Ähhh…saw this lately on Facebook and didn’t really paid attention. Is this really what you are planning to throw on the market?FB_IMG_1633239821555

Its great that some people found the teaser.

Its similar, but the image does not fully represent the wheel.

There were some short spots providing a total different idea of wheel. Maybe I misunderstood that but the few feedbacks I read are not good. Nevertheless let’s see what your idea of a good wheel looks like when you’re ready

Lets wait when people comment on the actual product. :slight_smile:

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what feedback? it’s not even out yet.

To be honest. Its GT, it has orange parts, I want it :rofl:

The picture was on Facebook. Mostly; outdated, bad design, not as expected

Lol, just because of the colour? They you can also get a custom built but with all in oranges. But serious, let’s see what the real deal will be, like Mika said

It was more thought as a joke.
But I’m really in search of a GT steering wheel. My favourite for now is the OMP Superquadro with Ascher Racing Button Plate. :slight_smile:

And yes, I like orange as an accent color. :slight_smile:

This is the GT wheel I choosed

Ain’t orange the new pink? Orange has something aggressive, understand what you mean

Isn’t today the wheel launch?

3 days left :slight_smile:

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very nice website! Extremely professional and not overloaded. There we gonna see your orange beauty soon!!