Simucube Tahko GT-21 steering wheel

Just for the reference, Fanatec just released GT World Challenge wheel for their Podium, managed to pull it at $629.99

I do not have information on that. Its mainly a matter of sales strategy. I think it was envisioned to be the wheel and button box that is plug&play, not meant to require any assembly (except for the battery&door).

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Makes sense as part of SC2 bundle at some more attractive price.
When 3rd party partners are getting new wireless module?

I think what @SuperMonaco_GP suggested releasing the button plate standalone without wheel rim or QR is a great sales strategy as there are a distinct lack of variety in quality button plates available in Europe.

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Just to be sure I understand correctly?
The new wheel side module is not SC1 compatible?

The simucube button -feature on the old module (as featured on the Tahko GT-21 wheel) is not compatible with Simucube 1, as the feature is only on Simucube firmware 2.0 which has only been made for Simucube 2.

The new wheel-side module is the same, it is only on the firmware 2.0, and thus only Simucube 2.

It is possible, that my Saturday project where I’m porting the firmware 2.0 to Simucube 1, will be completed before the end of the year, but it will probably have to be released as beta status with no support. There is no commercially viable way to do such huge work work for such an old product at the moment.

So the new wheel side module will work with SC1 if firmware 1.0 is installed correct?

I will have to watch the review to see what the Simucube button exactly does.

As always thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile:

So this is not the module that support analogue axes?

Nope, it will not work.

Correct. The wheel-side module in Tahko GT-21 wheel is the same as it has always been in Simucube wireless wheels so far, with the added Simucube button functionality implemented into Simucube firmware.

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Ahh I was confused. I thought this was the new board with the analogue inputs.

Will the new board with the analogue inputs work with the SC1 module?

That is the most important one to work with SC1. Then we can have clutches. :wink:

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An in depth review from one of the most underrated channels out there


+2k€ for a SC2 Sport & wheel combo. A steering wheel of ±2kg

Next wheel with analog inputs and more buttons will cost more than a base…
For that price and comming from developers side, fine tuned profiles on those wheels is a MUST

At the current plan, it will not work officially. see: Simucube Tahko GT-21 steering wheel

Looks like the wheel is up on the store page now.

Chris Haye has a video review.

Simucube Enters the Wheel Business! First Look Tahko GT-21 Review - YouTube

Hi! Hope you dooing good. I already watched the review from Giorgio Zegretti which also made some reviews on my favourite wheel manufacturer. I have 1 wheel without display and that is for rally and NASCAR. I also prefer to have clutches. The Tahko earned very good reviews, that’s for sure. I just honestly don’t know what wheel it could replace (I’m speaking just for me based on what I have). Having a wheel from the company I have the DD I don’t consider as an advantage per se because screwing up in TD will result in a bad experience anyway. Wireless or wired ain’t a game changer neither. From what I learned so far it’s very well done but this is something I expect from all manufacturers I have on my watch list. VPG, JacobeR, Gomez, PSE and few others

Giorgio ain’t underrated but not that famous. Referring to him is always a very good indicator of the person posting. Will say you have all my respect sir!!

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Well that is very disappointing! :frowning:

Was there some major hurdle to make it compatible with the SC1 wireless module?

Its not to do with the wireless module, its to do with Simucube firmware, which has been almost completely rewritten for Simucube 2. Anyway, this matter is not within the scope of the discussion in this topic as it is not related to the Tahko GT-21 steering wheel.

Ahh ok, understood.

Will you still keep having both wheel side modules available to the wheel builders so that SC1 guys can get at least the same as we can now?