Simucube Tahko GT-21 steering wheel

Ähhh…saw this lately on Facebook and didn’t really paid attention. Is this really what you are planning to throw on the market?FB_IMG_1633239821555

Its great that some people found the teaser.

Its similar, but the image does not fully represent the wheel.

There were some short spots providing a total different idea of wheel. Maybe I misunderstood that but the few feedbacks I read are not good. Nevertheless let’s see what your idea of a good wheel looks like when you’re ready

Lets wait when people comment on the actual product. :slight_smile:

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what feedback? it’s not even out yet.

To be honest. Its GT, it has orange parts, I want it :rofl:

The picture was on Facebook. Mostly; outdated, bad design, not as expected

Lol, just because of the colour? They you can also get a custom built but with all in oranges. But serious, let’s see what the real deal will be, like Mika said

It was more thought as a joke.
But I’m really in search of a GT steering wheel. My favourite for now is the OMP Superquadro with Ascher Racing Button Plate. :slight_smile:

And yes, I like orange as an accent color. :slight_smile:

This is the GT wheel I choosed

Ain’t orange the new pink? Orange has something aggressive, understand what you mean

Isn’t today the wheel launch?

3 days left :slight_smile:

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very nice website! Extremely professional and not overloaded. There we gonna see your orange beauty soon!!

Here it is :slight_smile:


Could use better buttons and rim which seems like Motamec cheapy. Well, hope 3rd parties catch up with the new wireless module and some use for analogue axis.

The reviewer mentioned 680 Euro price but it’s 822.96 on the simucube web site, is VAT that high?

More reviews should be coming soon.

VAT is 24% in Finland.

New wireless module is coming with wheels already in development as far as I know.

Renamed the thread now.

Some tidbits:

  • Paddles on the shifters will be as they are in the video we have. Pre-production paddles in the all other videos.
  • Wheel is Simucube 2 compatible only. We are thinking on how to port the new firmware to Simucube 1 with no promises yet.
  • Wheels purpose is to be the wheel that is always available in our own brand store - coming from a supply chain that we can control. When the project was started, there were a number of shortcomings in the wheel availability.
  • We invested a lot of time to make the shifters the best we could. While still being very snappy, they are noticeable more quiet than some other magnetic paddle shifters. There is no need to keep whole house awake when driving with these shifers.

hi Mika, any plan to sell the plate as a stand alone product without rim and qr?

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