Simucube wheel not working

Hi everyone i bought my simucube setup last week and cant get the wheel to move in the overview
i have posted my settings above …im using a 2500ppr small mige… in hardware settings it has encoder counts as 10000 …
theres is not load on the motor when i turn it and the wheel in overview doesnt move i have a mate with a simucube setup who helped me set it up but still no luck any ideas ?

cheers Evan

give photos from all the tabs inside granity. also give information about your psu. Aside from those , have you ran Configure motor, encoder and center point ?

He has done the wizard, as it wouldn’t show “Operational” if it has not been run to completion.

Go to Granity. Observe if the Position Feedback Indication on the Testing tab indicates movement or not.
If not, it is faulty wiring or faulty encoder.

yes ive done the motor encoder config and centre more than once … my psu is

Before i did the firmware update when i opened the e stop the motor was hard to turn now its like theres not power at all it just spins free

so, if the position feedback stays at 0 even if you turn the wheel, there is an issue with the encoder or with the encoder wiring.

Change some settings to start and maybe mika is correct but it will not harm.


Also change tbw to 680 . hit apply , run the measure resistance , dont touch the wheel at this point , it will change values, hit apply and save.

Use recon higher than 0. 1 or above

it feel notchy when i move the wheel now ive not changed any setting

where can i find a wiring diagram i used the one off xsimulator and had 3 wires with pins left over

yeah, you definitively should have over current tolerance (FOC) also at Maximum for simracing use.

and the wiring / colours on your encoder wire is dependent on where and when you got your encoder. I think Mige supplies wiring with certain colours, that we also have documented somewhere. I’m not at the office now to check things out.

cheer ive changed all the setting as advised
its really notchy now

What do you mean with notchy ?

Did you re-run Configure motor, encoder and center point inside simucube tool (next next following the onscreen instructions) ? Does it move in overview ?

so is this a full-up DIY build? If the notches seem to be at >45 degree intervals, switch any two motor phase wires, OR invert the AXI invert setting.

done the motor config no movment

the wire i dont no which is which as i followed the wiring diagram on xsimulator …there no colours on your diagram so im unsure what to do

w hall pin 12 white
hall v pin 11 grey
hall u pin 10 brown
encoder differential input b- pin 8 green blk
encoder differential input b+ pin5 green
encoder differential input a- pin7 orange blk
encoder differential input a+ pin 4 orange
sv_ out pin 2 red
grd encoder supply pin 3 black
encoder differential input c- pin 9 yellow blk
encoder differential input c + pin 6 yellow

thats how i wired it
and the bare wire i i put the plug outer on the metal as it said to … I was left with 3 wires with no home

yes and there was no movement

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Colours mean nothing, as different Suppliers will use different color cables for the encoder plug. You will need to map pin-pin as the diagram Loukas shown above. I used to make my own cables in earlier times, as I used special cabling with emi screen/layer around the signal cables.

So use pin-pin and wire it that way. Same for power-connector.