Simucube wheel not working


gday mate

when you say map the wires does that mean get a multi meter and to map them from the plug on the mige to the plug going into the simucube board ?


Thats what I would do to be extra sure.


Hi Evan,
Yes, pin-pin as per my schematic above…


thats what i used but ill ill start fresh …now the plug on the mige is numbered are those numbers going to be right ? for example if i go to the pin numbered 1 get my meter and find the right one at simucube plug end im on the right track ?


The mapping above is correct, with the hand-written ones the encoder plug on the motor side, and the typed numbers the Simucube plug-end. Is this exactly the opposite to your thinking? Follow my advice and you will be ok though.

Make very sure about how you read the pins on the d-sub 15-pin connector, it is easy to mess that up. Also, the shell of the d-sub 15 must be connected to pin1 on the mige encoder plug…


ok sweet ive fixed the encoder issue now i have no force feed back i can make the motor spin in the granity software so i no there power there but there no force in the wheel at all


There is no FFB when in granity mode. Please spin the wheel back so that the position feedback value is around 0, and then exit Granity and re-enable the normal Operational mode in Simucube.

Please take a look at the known issues in the firmware download page:
i.e. change bumbstop ramp range to larger than 1 at least once; otherwise there will be no FFB effects.

This issue for new installs will be fixed in the next release.


gday mate yes ive done that its set to 9 and still no feedback at all



With those settings, there should be some resistance when you turn the wheel over bumpstop angles.


there is nothing at all … the only thing i have not done is connect the shell wire to pin 1 as i did want to blow any up cause it already has a wire going to it …do you think this could be the issue …as i said i can get the wheel to spin it granity in both directions so i no theres power there … should the wheel spin or move when i power it up to cause nothing happens at start up



the phasing routine should happen at startup.


nothing at start up would the shell wire not being connect to pin cause this ?


no. Does the wheel rotate in Simucube?


if i turn it yes but no by itself


check your PM’s here for a support offer.


System works!

Some confusion still with the bumpstop parameters. There is still a bug that causes no FFB condition. I have now added that to the list of things to do before releasing the next public firmware version!


Thanx Mika :wink:

Appreciate your efforts in always keeping us posted on developments!


Nice. Better use some reconstruction filter though.