Simucube vs Asetek feedback

Hi guys i thought you might like to know my first week experience using both wheelbases as i now have the Asetek invicta to compare to my simucube 2 pro.

Firstly lets get the obvious out the way because this post is not to bash on one or the other, the simucube 2 is now a few years old and the Asetek comes with some ‘‘features’’ that just was not likely considered when designing the Simucube 2 such as a built in USB-C hub for connecting various peripherals, this comes with the natural advantage of convenience but isnt a reason you would buy one over the other ofcourse.

The quick releases of both wheelbases are excellent as we know. We all know how good the simucube 2 quick release is, Asetek did have some issues with their ‘‘version’’ but from what i can see with my unit this has been rectified quite nicely, its solid, no play, no movement, no chance of pulling the wheel off the base even with great force unlike the teething problems we know they had, so im quite happy about that.

So… the driving, this has been a difficult one for me to compare because of just how good both units are, im not prepared to say one is better than the other because honestly i dont think one is better than the other. Both feel fast and responsive but the Asetek unit has once or twice had me taken aback a little with its speed, a kind of holy shit moment when it has surprised me, usually when i lose control of the wheel its most noticeable but its really neither here or there, id be mad to say the Asetek is just better because of that, i dont think thats the case. For one reason or another the simucube feels stronger, if i set the Asetek to its full 27nm with the same in game settings and set the simucube to its max 25nm the simucube feels stronger, i have no idea why and its most likely by a small amount but i feel it. The Asetek seems to have a smoother nature, there is less rawness in the output, it feels a little more natural but sometimes that lack of outright raw feedback dampens the feel a little… it honestly feels like there is some processing going on even when the reconstruction is set to ‘‘off’’ it never truly feels off as it does with the simucube. Im really not sure how to feel about this, the Asetek unit feels fantastic but i feel like if somebody wants the most raw feedback possible the simucube simply can provide that while the Asetek just does not currently.

The biggest difference between the two units is in the software much to my surprise, i was going into this with the mindset that the software is very similar, similar settings and with the hand of some guys at granite being involved i am quite surprised in how different the settings take effect. The simucube 2 just seems to respond better to setting changes with each big jump making a big difference to the feel of the unit, the Asetek on the other hand seems to change in a much smaller way, the dynamics of each setting seem compressed. So for example the difference between 0 damping and 100 damping is rather small compared to the simucube which has a much wider range between 0 and 100 where you notice drastic changes in motor feeling. Asetek did update their software just yesterday in fact and confirmed that they altered the settings in order for them to have a more impactful response on the motor, rawer settings feeling more raw etc but i think its still a step behind in this regard.

In my first week i have also had 1 issue with the Asetek, that being the motor not accepting updates, Asetek were quick to solve this issue and it was fixed within a day but it is the first issue in a small amount of time, growing pains i guess but there is where the simucube has the advantage, the software is now mature and it works very well almost all the time and its when one changes to something else this becomes apparent.

I believe the Asetek hardware currently has some advantages, Mostly something that just comes with being a newer product but none of the advantages warrant selling a simucube for… Im happy with the Asetek purchase but if you are happy with the simucube, keep it, be happy with it, comfortably still one of the best DD motors on the market :slight_smile: hope that gives a little insight into just one users experience with both.