Simucube Updating Issues

Hey guys my buddy updated his simucube and unknown to me he had a very old version (0.9.7) and I had sent him version 0.53. Now anytime he tries to open the simucube program it crashes. He said he went through the update process but now it just hangs. We tried to downgrade but with the program crashing with versions 11.2 and 0.53 I don’t know what else to do. So let me know the process to revert back to 11.2. Any help is appreciated.

He is going to have to update via the dip switch method.
You should get the docs from the Simucube wiki and talk him thru it.

DipSwitch method? I take it that’s using dfu to load a firmware with all settings reset?

Yes, that has to be done. There is a big warning on the download pages of the firmware to not attempt to update from earlier than 0.11.x versions…

Could you link me the correct instructions please? Just in case I miss anything. I take it all I have to do is have him switch the dipswitch so it goes into DFU mode. Then we use dfuse to load the 11.2 bootloader. Turn off box and put the switch back and load 11.2 firmware so it updates correctly. Let me know thanks!

Yes, that is the correct procedure. However, I would recommend to use the bootloader_and_reset_all_settings file from 0.50.3 as it has a few bug fixes in itself.

So if I use the 0.50.3 bootloader I can use the 0.50.3 program correct? Or would I still need to use 0.11.2 and then update to 0.50.3?

Yes, you can use 0.50.3 directly. The bootloader from 0.50.3 remains compatible with all previous versions.

Got him all set again. Thanks for the quick responses fellas. :grinning:

You are very welcome! :slight_smile:

Is there an idiot proof way to make this update, I’m also on 0.9.7 and I thought that I never had to go back to the DFU way again, as it was said it was a one-time thing when I bought my SC1, but I understand that new challenges arise, and something’s is not like they were expected to be :wink:

Just want to make sure I do it right, and as I’m not doing this more that once every 1 - 2 year apart, is not something I remember 0% off.

I remember updating to the version I have now using a guide I found in the iRacing forums, but that was a long time ago, and didn’t involve the DFU mode, as that was already done on the first update.

It’s not that I need to update now, as I’m still over the moon with the settings I use now, it’s so good, but I want to update when the SC2 related software/ firmware is released.

The current recommended process is to update to at least 0.11.2 first, and after that, any version should work.

We dropped support for the early <0.11 version saved data from 0.50.x onwards.

Thanks Mika.

So for the dumb guys like me, I should download the latest firmware (will probably wait until the new version with the SC2 filters are out), and then update with the drc file I’m using now?

No need to install MMoS again I hope?

Sorry for not responding sooner, I thought I would get a notification if somebody made a reply.

updating the firmware has never required a DRC file.

No need, just launch new version and it automatically asks you to update.

So why are Joe talking about updating via the dip switch (that I have never heard of or used before)?
And you say that there is a big warning on the download pages of the firmware, to not attemps to update from earlier that 0.11.x versions?

That’s why I’m asking if you or anybody have a “Dumb guy” way to update from 0.9.7?

I know that the update don’t requirer a DRC file, but I thought I had to install it again after the firmware update?

Joe was helping the user who had bricked Simucube that needed recovering via the dip switches.

We have removed the faulty 0.50.3 version and released 0.50.4 that prevents bricking.

DRC file is a motor configuration file, and it does not need to be reinstalled after firmware update.

Update first to 0.11.2 and then to whatever later version is available.

Thanks Mika.

I’ll do that when time comes. :sweat_smile::wink:

Should probably also update the IONI firmware at the same time, as that’s just as old (10701).

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