Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

Grainy and Rubbery are opposite ends of the spectrum though. Are people saying the new firmware can cause two separate issues with feel or is there confusion over terminology?

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it’s grainy for me… metalic grainy feeling

nothing changed for me with Pro, all good and smooth.

I got something funny during a iRacing test session today.
After ±5 corners it felt like my FFB did a reset.

With only TD active on screen I tried to simulate my driving:
Turns to the left are heavier than turns to the right, turning the wheel 7 times ± 100dgr left or right resets the FFB.
Turning the wheel ±100dgr 6 times left OR 5 times right resets the FFB

What happens during something I call a reset

  1. Wheel feels heavier for a split second.
  2. looses FFB and turns to 0 dgr slowly.
  3. FFB turns on to original FFB level.

Turned off a lot of things to check if it comes from a single slide

  • Bumpstop
  • Bumpstop angle
  • Hands off detection
  • D / F / I, tested 1 by 1

If I have to choose, more rubbery. Like a robotic feeling and just not smooth anymore.

Hi Mika , im from first batch and and i updated from 1.0.2 if i remember directly to 1.0.13 and after to 2020.1 ,i try to figure why my wheel feel bad with last updated , 2020.3 feel so rubbery and grainy in all games ,even just truedrive on destop :frowning: i saw a couples complain about it

Anyone with Ultimate having any issues? already saw one post of ultimate not having an issue.
I am still on 2020.1
don’t see a need to update to 2020.3 yet

Our access to more than 2-3 motors is limited as the development team is working from home. Neither me or any other of our developers has been able to observe any difference in the torque output of these firmware versions, but of course feedback about it not working properly is noted. We are releasing instructions for downgrading soon.


What’s the serial number on your unit?

first batch here and i got rubbery and grainy feel

all seems fine over here. Batch 2 external antenna Pro.

I assumed there are some changes to the filters with all this talk so i tried playing with my settings and on the whole it seems like i can reduce my filters a bit but that could be placebo. Certainly no problems anyway.

Which is it though? Rubbery (smooth) or grainy (rough)?

Those that have issues, can you guys confirm that you do not see any activity balloons for directinput effects on desktop?

I notice that grainy feeling too.

Not sure if it was tehere two days ago when i raced a LMS race but now in window with or without TD runnning its quity obvious.

I see nothing about DI Filters and they are all at 0% anyways

No (DI) balloons on desktop, I confirm. (on desktop… I will not be as affirmative as I don’t have any in my mind)

385… oh these 20 chars :man_facepalming:

Rubberry smooth and grainy smooth and a little noise ,when i turn the wheel fast in any game ,even on desktop : /

I dont get what you mean by activity baloon : /, but well even when im not in game (desktop) when i turn the wheel fast or very fast (even worst) i feel it , but if i turn it really smooth ,its tought to feel it , do you guys test to turn your testswheels fast /very fast ?

I got an important question to Mika , if we reset the sofware , do we need to install the update one by one or its like a computer bios and you just install the last one ,(i mean 2020.1 not 2020.3) cause i saw a post talking about the 5.3 or 5.4 that bug if you update previously the 10.1 or something like that , i just want to do the right thing :slight_smile:

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the downgrade will be to 2020.1 directly.

Please remember that we have much of Simucube 1 stuff on the forum, those mentioned version numbers are only related to Simucube 1.

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Do you mean like notifications that pop up if TD is running or being launched? I didn’t noticed any balloons or messages from TD software.