Simucube Twitter and Facebook pages opened

Hello Sim Racers,

To make it easier to stay in loop and get the latest updates on Simucube direct drive sim racing, we have just launched Simucube Twitter account and Simucube Facebook page. To be the first to know about new features and competitive advantages they give, be sure to follow at least one of them.

We have plans to uncover several biggest direct drive related news of the year pretty soon on the Simucube channels. You don’t want to miss that.


To celebrate the launch of the new community channels, we will post special Black Friday coupon codes exclusive to the said channels. The special coupons will work only for the first 5+5 orders. So especially if you’re planning to start a DIY Simucube build, better keep eye on Twitter and FB :slight_smile:

With :heart:, Tero


Wireless. Very cool.

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That’s my only complaint. The cord on the wheel is such a pita.


Why not get on discord too?? Most of the sim community is there already!!

It would require some of us being on discord actively. I do use it but only a few times a week. No point of us setting an official discord with no time to manage it properly.

I don’t have or ever want either one of those things. Please keep us up to date here also.

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Sure, most of insider’s stuff and developers & community conversations will be on this fourum :slight_smile: