Simucube settings for Dirt rally

if you think you are a missing one or the other feed back information: In addition to the ingame settings there is a file effectsetup_v2.xml in Programs (x86)/Steam/steamapps/DiRT Rally/forcefeedback.
This file is giving you even more possibilities for tweaking e.g. you can change the default wheel skid from

<FFBSkid device="wheel" wheelMask="2" scale="0.125" thresholdLow="1.0" thresholdHigh="1.1" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="30" freqHigh="30" load="1.0" length="0.2" sample0="skidWheel"/>


<FFBSkid device="wheel" wheelMask="2" scale="0.15" thresholdLow="0.9" thresholdHigh="1.1" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="4" freqHigh="30.0" load="1.0" length="0.2" sample0="skidwheel"/>
<FFBSkid device="wheel" wheelMask="1" scale="0.125" thresholdLow="1.0" thresholdHigh="1.3" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="10.0" freqHigh="20.0" load="1.0" length="0.1" sample1="skidwheel"/>

which will give you also skid info for the front wheels, per default wheels only support skid only on the rear wheels. You also can try to replace skidwheel with skidBack (for wheelmask=2) and skidFront (for wheelmask=1) to get a slightly different feedback (still not sure what values can be entered as wave … according to several sources only values that were exisitng in CM games in the past should be used, but I have no access to any of those.
I’m still playing with this file there are even mods around in racedepartment that add more differentiation on the supension, but overall I’m not sure what it should feel like as I have never been driiving a real Rallycar.

Of course all the changes are on your own risk - esp. dont try with the scale values form the controller section this is far to much!


Thanks chichi!
I will try that tweak someday.
I think i have pretty good settings for rallyx but wanted little more to rally cars, this maybe is the answer.

@chichi @Jarno If you are talking about making changes to the effectsetup_v2.xml file, I’ve been using the Impact 7 file for the past 2½ years.

It is a complete effectsetup_v2.xml file, which you drop into your Programs(x86)/Steam/steamapps/DiRT Rally/forcefeedback folder to replace the current one (Don’t forget to back up)

You can download it at

@LRyder2k6 I got my OSW from Simracingbay and you can find Tomo’s drc. file via their website at See section 8.

Jason Jodarski’s (from iracing) suggested drc. files can be found here See page 4.

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Generally, after initial setup, there should be absolutely no need to update drc files unless you also change encoder.

Not now that we have your great SimuCUBE firmware, but with Mmos it was necessary to go into the drc. file if you wanted to change MCC, TBW, damping filtering etc. So maybe some want to get back to their original drc. file, if they have tinkered too much with it.

Having played Dirt Rally a lot using the AccuForce, I can tell you that the game FFB does not provide the best results for some reason. Some forces seem to get lost in translation as the results I enjoyed when using SimCommander FFB was so much better. The telemetry that the game outputs seems to be capable of providing the data that is lost through game-FFB. I’ve not experienced that with any other title like I have with Dirt Rally. Dirt4 renders similar results but, I didn’t care for the car handling so stopped playing that title.

From my own personal experience I don’t agree you need SimCommander to get decent FFB in DiRT Rally.

When I had my Fanatec CSR wheel, the FFB I got from DiRT Rally was better than in any other sim, especially on the gravel stages. It felt the most natural and like a real car.

Since getting the OSW over a year ago, the FFB I am getting on other sims has improved ten-fold, but in DiRT Rally I have struggled to replicate what I had before. Recently I have been making some good progress. There are a lot of FFB settings to adjust which can have a real impact on the feel you get. It takes some time, or luck, to get them right.

@Ceolmor Thanks for linking the effectsetup_v2.xml file. I gave that a try and on gravel the FFB instantly felt a lot better! Asphalt is still pretty weird feeling though. Do you also use the in-game settings from the screen shot of the racedepartment post, or are you using something different with your OSW? What kind of SimuCUBE settings are you using?

I tried the impact v7 settings some time ago and even today and what I‘m getting is huge amount of vibrations/rattle, so that it is as noisy as my G25. I even see this rattle when I slightly apply brake and gas so that that car is not driving yet, but it feels like you are driving on gravel with significant speed.
I don‘t think you get this much feedback from gravel without having wooden tires on a real car - but as I already said I have no experience with driving real cars on gravel. What I want to feel more is when the car is sliding and that can be changed with the skid value as mentioned before.

Btw, what Recon filter and TBW settings are you using? I have 1 and 1000.

Perhaps you are right but, using SimCommander in Dirt Rally was definitely the easier way to achieve it; night & day difference immediately. It’s not like that with most titles at all, SC4 can be good for adding some enhancements to dull FFB but, for Dirt Rally and PC1, I found it super easy to get great FFB while everyone around me was struggling, and some still are. :slight_smile:

PC2-FFB is one example where a single FFB-setting can transform the resulting feedback - especially with the OSW; the FX setting can completely overwhelm other effects sending players on wild goose chases trying to find solutions.

Personally, I’d like to see telemetry-based FFB be an option for all DD-wheels, even if just to serve as an enhancer of sorts. Just having Engine-vibes can add life to dull FFB like that of RaceRoom. I always wonder if something broke when I’ve played that title but, it’s all based on preference and personal standard. :slight_smile:

@chichi I’m not saying that Impact v7 is the best for DiRT Rally, just that it works for me, so might do for others.

You are right, it does increase the vibrations from the road. You might need to reduce Suspension to tame it a little and get rid of vibrations/rattle/noise, which I do not get. But I like to feel the surface and what is happening under the tyres. e.g. I can feel when I go from dry tarmac to ice at Monte Carlo. Tarmac/concrete at Germany is weird, whatever ffb effects file I use.

I am running TBW unlimited and Recon 1. Small Mige 40,000 cpr.

Ultimately, once you find a setup which works OK for you and you stick with it, it begins to feel right to you, and you learn how the wheel reacts to different situations. I’ve tried other people’s settings, which they swear by, but which feel completely wrong to me.

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@LRyder2k6 No, I don’t use those in-game settings. I have:
SAT 125; Wheel Friction 60; Tyre Friction 125; Suspension 147; Tyre Slip 125; Collision 147.

These are unusually high, because they are my setting from my old Fanatec CSR wheel. I have overall strength in SimuCUBE at only 35% to compensate. Other SimCUBE settings are:
Recon 1; TBW Unlimited; Filter disabled; Damping 1.00%; Friction & Inertia 0%; DirectInput Friction effect strength 20%.

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Hi @chichi

I’ve been trying your effectsetup_v2.xml mod with your SimuCUBE and Vibrations & Feedback settings you posted last September, and quite liking it. Nice weight of the wheel, the SAT feels balanced and gives good control.

I note that in September you had recon off and TBW 680, but more recently referred to these being Recon 1 TBW 1000. There have of course been a lot of changes to SimuCUBE since September. Would you be able to post your current SimuCUBE and Vibration & Feedback settings please?. Thanks.

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Hi everyone. I’m also curious how everyone’s settings have changed with recent firmware. I just upgraded from 0.8.12b to 0.9.7a and am curious about the Sawtooth effect. After upgrading, all of the other new effects were set by default to 0%, however Sawtooth defaulted to 100%. None of my other profiles had new effects enabled by default. I’m guessing this corresponds to one of the previous settings? On 0.8.12b I was using 1180 deg, 1 filter, 1000 TBL, 2.7% damping, 0.80% friction, 0% inertia, 24% friction effect, 24% damping effect.

I also noticed that my actual max current has decreased for a given overall strength across all profiles.

Thanks for any input.

I’ve seen your stage times. You don’t need any more help :wink:

The only directinput effect that works with DiRT Rally is Friction. The other directinput effect sliders will have no effect, whether they are 0 or 200%.

I recently tried to get simucube working with dirt rally. Major issue straight up was the turning amount of wheel ingame is not matching the actual wheel, its like 1/3 the distance. Is there any tricks or editing files to get the wheel setup initially? I’ve found some conflicting info online about how to go about it.


Typically rally cars require you to set steering angle to something like 540 degrees, as they have quite fast steering. What is you setting in the SimuCUBE profile?

DiRT Rally’s in game wheel animation in not 1:1 with the actual wheel. It is the same, whichever wheel you use. I am not aware of any way to change this ‘bug’ in DiRT Rally.

Dirt Rally steering angles range from 1080 to 540. See car guide here

I have my SimuCUBE steering range set at 1080 and ‘Soft Lock’ switched on in game, and then my OSW rotates as per each individual car steering range. I am usually concentrating too much on the track to really notice what the wheel animation is doing.

hi mika,

I have wheel set as per my iRacing profile, 900 degrees.

For some reason I just cant control the car as cant turn the wheel enough to control the car, just end up bouncing off the sides of the road…