Simucube Quick Release system for DD wheels

Hello Drivers!

The time for zero-flex, zero-backlash, direct drive proof quick release system is now! Simucube Quick Release has been designed to give the most transparent direct drive feel consistently, and without giving away it’s rigidity over time a single bit.

Current status is that we have first patch of final release candidate QR:s manufactured. First volume patch is under manufacturing. More information about availability and pricing will be posted during the next days.

With :heart: Tero


Great news that this is released, Tero! You have been spending good time developing it, so happy to see it out the door!

We need real robust and simple, high-quality and cost-efficient QR.

Happy days!

Brilliant, definitely interested in this!

Very nice! Will definitely get one once I ditch this Fanatec GT2 wheel for something else.

More pics!


Is there and adapter for 50 mm wheel as well? Pm for Tero, please answer

Yes there is an adapter for 70 mm, the basic design is 50 mm.

Will it be possible to buy only wheel side? sorry for too much questions… I am very interested

Yes, we plan to sell them as separate items so you can equip one motor and multiple wheels easily.

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Looks nice:) is it Beano proof?

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Congratulations !! Its simple and practical. Thats a great cost effective solutions. Cant wait to own and get it hook up to all simulators in my race studio :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Looks great, nice idea guys.

Great, been looking for a quick release and this looks to be good.

Any release date when we can buy it?

Looks good and gives a strong impression, nice solid solution when you change wheels now and then.

Good news. The QR looks good. If the price is lower than Q1R it’s a very good alternative.

Any more information about price and release date?


looks nice! it can be a good alternative to the buchfink QR… an 74mm nardi bolt pattern would be also good. you sould definitely make one or a combined 70 - 74 mm adapter!!! i personlly drive 2 rims with 74mm.

ciao Battlegear

It would have to be significantly less than the Q1R - you can get servo base and 70mm wheel side for about $120, or just the wheel side for about $70.

This new option is a nice simple design and looks very solid!
How does that ‘pin’ lock into place so that it cannot become loose/fall out? Does it slot in then turn to lock somehow?

Great to have other options!

From the video it looks like the safety pin locks using a ball bearing.

I am wondering is there any way to tighten it after some wear occurs?