Simucube Quick Release system for DD wheels



The design is self-tightening, i.e. if there is any wear, the shape will just cause it to tighten on its own. We have not noticed any wear as of yet.

There is also an option to permanently attach the wheel and base side parts with a M8 bolt.


Has the Aussie crash test dummy (Beano) tried to kill one yet?
If Beano can not kill it we are safe@ :slight_smile:


Not yet, but hopefully soon I will take it for an extended high-torque session, let’s see what GD says, Joe :slight_smile:

The wedge-style design however is very good, I thoroughly enjoyed testing it during a recent session in Tampere at GD HO. No play, zero, zilch, nada…


How is it self tightening if the pin is 90 degrees to the taper?


The QR parts are constantly forced together by internal spring ball plungers. The spring ball plungers are user-replaceable if they some day wear out.

Yesterday we sent a QR to one famous Youtuber for reviewing. I bet he’ll explain it more visually :slight_smile:


Thanks Tero,

That makes sense now.


Are there any plans to offer an option for servos with 19mm and 24mm shafts?


QR has inner bore of 47 mm and we have found suitable cone clamping elements for 22 and 24 mm shafts from Ringspann manufacturer. Smaller clamping element might have smaller outer diameter, but at least it could be fitted in with adapter sleeve.

So 22 and 24 mm will be standard options at beginning.


We use 22 x 47 clamps so they are readily available we also have 19 x 47


is this also for de accuforce v2 pro? and also for the src wheel? now i use the 70 mm BG quick release


How’s development going. My QR is starting to see some wear and play, and would love to look at picking up yours for my setup. Thanks!


First batch of Simucube QR is in production and the delivery date is not yet fully confirmed from the manufacturer. However we expect them to be in stock in May. We will post public updates as soon as we have more details :slight_smile:


Thanx Tero, and greetings from Tokyo :wink:


Tero, did this YouTube reviewer ever publish a video?

I’m most interested in seeing the rear of the wheelside part as I’d like to plan a way of attaching that to my wheel hub.


For 70mm wheels pattern what exactly is needed for mounting.
Based on this blog, it’s:

  • wheel side QR part
  • spacer
  • 50 to 70mm adapter

All that bolted to the wheel? That’s a pretty big chunk of metal. Any chance to simplify that and have more parts needed for conversion on wheel base side?
Here’s the picture