SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware: Share your settings

Hello All,
Now that we have the closed Beta out, would be great to provide a screenshot of your settings that you find working well for you.

Also, state whether you like the new FFB experience, and how you compare it vs the older MMoS fw.

I will post my screenshot here in a few hours, when I jump on my racing rig.

A few quick comments:

  1. All filters disabled, except damping between 5-8, and Reconstruction Filter at 5 (Fkn Wow, awesome)

  2. Compared to the SS2 which is over-smooth and feels like you are either running on overinflated tyres, or, with a new FW option, harsh like the old MMoS OSW feel, the new Recon Filter is a revelation. With the above settings, it feels like real race rubber, and almost no perceptible notching around center. I will induce a slight bit of inertia as well, perhaps 2-3% and see how it goes.

3)Latency: When I switched to the SS2, I always felt a bit slower on average than with my original Lenze SS2, and I had the past 9 months on the SS2, as a good gauge. Now, going back to the OSW, with the new FW, I am up there again, regularly top 1-3 in the AMG around SPA.

No discernible input lag, super fast wheel response and very accurate positioning of the car - pin-point. And this all with using the AKM with a 10k PPR encoder, similar resolution to what many of you are using on the Mige servos. I expect this to get even better once I mount the 1M PPR BiSS servo on my rig…

  1. Ease of use: The new GUI and the back-end software changes are making setup of the DD setup a doddle. When Mika shared the first alpha, it was very intuitive and no need for him to explain things to me…very logical on how to proceed, but Brion is working on a manual with Mika, that will further simplify things.

But for sure, you no longer need a handy DIY skillset to get one of these up and running, I am sure even my Wife would be able to do it.

Anyway, enough rambling, I will appreciate your comments below!!


PS: Did I mention it was AWESOME :slight_smile:


PS: Here are my settings, feels wonderful. No other DD wheel has ever quite felt like this. I luv it.


Small mige Ioni Pro Hc 10000 encoder with Fanatec BMW rim
WIP heres what Im running at the mo in AC. was running reconstruction filter at 7 and did a pb of 1.22.4 a little of my PB from about a year ago. upped the reconstruction to max (and why not) and did another 1.22.400 in my first run of 4 laps so its not making me slower.

Not had a chance to have a go at IR yet, cant drag myself out of the bloody Tatuus. But when I do Ill be sure to turn the reconstruction filter down and post my set up.

Edit after a year of trying I’ve finally broken my lap record 1.22.267 by 0.042 but can go faster as I made a small mistake on that lap.

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Just tried IR but how do you configure the wheel rotation without end stops??

Iracing will detect the end of the rotation that you set for the SimuCUBE… If you go over it does not matter just turn until the numbers stop changing… and then center the wheel and move to the next step… iRacing has software enabled virtual bump stops so the lack of bump stops at the hardware level is not an issue in iRacing.

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Not sure why we even need stops, tbh.

Running perfectly fine without them :slight_smile:

Sorry, wrong thread… edited

Of course, some stops we hacked together with Tero yesterday, are already better than the ones in Mmow.

Post in the bug reports thread.

Manolo, for starters, ensure you have both ports on the back of the Simucube connected.

Then, have you read the basic instructions? Have you flashed the Simucube with the new dfu fw? I guess not :wink:


okay, thank you… edit

Please comment in the bug thread and post same post there. Mika will look at it. Still I would restart PC and restart Simucube box also, if not already been done.

It would be nice if everyone shared what servo they were using as well. I got a little testing time in the other day and was blown away. The reconstruction filter is great. I haven’t gone past 4 with it yet, but the difference is substantial. Having no end stops is a little odd, but I don’t expect to see any issues that a quick tap of the e-stop won’t fix. I’m planning to do some more testing tonight and I’ll post back with my settings for my small Mige 10k.

No idea how to do these fancy cropped screen shots you guys do. Here are my settings for a small Mige 10k encoder.

TBW - 2200
Damping - 3%
Friction - 1%
Intertia - 1%
Reconstruction - 5

Snipping Tool if you are using WIN10

Or print screen and ms paint on older versions…

Please also state the sim and car :slight_smile:

Hello Guys,
As promised earlier, a video, with me doing some talking and some driving - should give you an idea how the wheel is behaving with the new firmware.

It’s about 15 minutes long. Hopefully it answers some questions.

Sorry it was iRacing in the Mercedes. The only sim I use is iRacing.

Ok, not sure if this a bug but I’ll report anyway.

Sim: iRacing
Car: 911
Track: Sebring
iR setting: 24.9 Nm
Reconstruction: 8
Damping: 5
Friction: 3
Inertia: 1

The jolts from Sebring track are brutal, almost undrivable.
With Beano’s settings I can drive but car feels quite dull with these setting and the jolts come thru anyway. With lower damping setting the car is much more drivable and the high reconstruction filter gives really nice rubbery feeling but jolts are really high.

With high damping setting the rubbery feeling is deminished, like it overpowers the reconstruction filter.

In Donnington (911) the car was truly nice to drive and I only used 0.1 % in D, F, I filters.

Is it possible to have a filter that cuts the high peaks from signal ?

Sorry, wrong thread, this was meant to be in Bug reports thread


I think this is because you have quite high setting on the reconstruction filter and the spikes start to overshoot a lot. I recommend lower setting for that. Based on some simulations on real data, there should not be much benefit from that high value.