SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware: Public Beta version 0.8.x bug reports

Change log, user guide and download links:

Known issues:
Game crashes on startup or when getting in car. This will get worked on next.
Non-implemented effects, such as game-settable friction, inertia and damping. Now only the values from profile are used.
Maximum torque calculation is incorrect in the UI, and shows much too high values for some reason.
Estimated torque output calculation is most likely wrong.
When using high forces and having the reconstruction filter at high value, the wheel might go numb and give a feeling of saturated forces. This is being investigated.
Some filter settings do not seem get applied with some user actions.

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Thank you Mika for the new firmware, I’ve tested the new debouncing time for analog buttons and it is better than before, but not perfect, It would be better to set it at 30ms or adding a slider to set it.

I have a small 720 psu, why do I have a maximum of 11.5A?

Interesting comment regarding the game crashes not sure what games you refer to there, but I have constant crashes in PCars 2 mainly when entering a session or restarting a session, let me know if you need anything specific as I can get PCars2 to pretty much crash on demand in the above scenario, but it’s never crashed after a session has got underway.

I get Pcars2 game crashes frequently as well. Less so now that I’ve moved the SimuCUBE USB cable to a USB port directly on the mobo. But they happen at transitions in the game; menu changes, starting or restarting a session, etc.

And yes, I know Pcars2 is “unsupported” at this point. But this is due to the USB HID faults in the fw. Going back to MMos, your Pcars2 will not crash like this.

Thanks for that John good to know your experience exactly mirrors mine on the PCars2 front.

I have zero crashes in AC, iRacing and Pcars2 so far with the new firmware.

But I am certain there is strange behaviour of the filters in 0.8.
I had really strong oscillations after the update. They’ve been very tamed in 0.7 with the peaking and notch filter. Now I just alt/tabed iRacing while the oscillation was on and clicked just into the three value tabs - oscillation gone.

They are not working correctly at the moment. The wheel feels much heavier since 0.8 kind of overdampened (0.5% dampening 0.8 is much more than 2% in 0.7) and I am still certain my lenze is MUCH stronger. I mean I drove the GT3 with 27-35Nm and now 40Nm is still much (!) stronger.

something is off here. but the overall feel is awesome! it is so direct!

The reason is that the 0.8.2 software is not suppressing any of the information which is bringing up the activity around center and with that activity the possibility of oscillatory behavior can increase… There are a few ways to control it one is dampening, it will slow the ability for the wheel to overshoot its target which slows the possibility of oscillation, second is reduce inertia or increase friction this will keep the system fro trying to HELP the wheel get back to center, causing an overshoot which causes oscillation, Third try a different Renconstruction filter with the new release the reconstruction filters have seemed to take on a new life (meaning they all feel a slit different and show off some different attributes, some which could be detrimental to Oscillation… and then last you might have to adjust your notch filter to a different frequency as that is such a specific filter if the oscillation moves a couple hundred Hz it won’t work at all for diminishing it.

In reading your second part, if the oscillation goes away when clicking in (which input boxes?) and you go back to driving does it stay away?

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will do more testing tonight.

I can agree that only highend peaks are much stronger, not fine details.

yes brion the oscillation stayed away after I changed the three peaking and notch filter values. changed them randomly and then went back to the initial 8.5hz -5.5db q 0.1. thats why I think there is something wrong with the filters.

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These are interesting reports, as the code that changes/applies the filters hasn’t been changed at all. Maybe something is happening silently regarding them at IONI firmware.

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I just think the recon filters feel different because the ffb has changed in 082.

With 082 iracing still crashes at launch some times. I also had a crash to desktop now for the first time while driving. With no errors or logs at all. Cant wait until the simucube firmwares are rocksolid like mmos:slight_smile:

I suspect the recon filter acts differently because the signal it acts on, is now always 100% scale signal, so the “notches” are bigger than before.

We would be interested in reports where user sets similar strength than it was in 0.7.x, and report which value of the recon filter is same or similar than it was in 0.7.0, and which values they were respectively.

ah interesting :slight_smile: i used to use rcon3, But now i use 5 to get a similar feel

I also had same first-time crash to desktop yesterday. But during a next session with 2x 2hr practice, no issues.

I decreased Recon filter opposite to you, from 5 ->3 and ffb feeling is similar to before, but still feels weaker somehow. Perhaps my imagination. Little more cogging around center, but based on what Mika says, this is somehow normal behaviour now.

I will also try with Recon F at 1, let’s see how it goes. Wheel response to slides and track behaviour though better than before…


I can definitively say that nothing that affects usb communications or how the directinput titles see the SimuCUBE has been changed for this build. So these “new” type of crashes are a total mystery.

I keep an eye on it, it might be iRacing itself, Mika.

If it is USB related, it should be more common than this - and we recently had update also, so…funny that both Seb and myself see this first time round, so I would think let’s not focus on this for now and see how things go after the next FW update.

I am back to rcon 3. Only had to turn it up for a crazy fr 2.0 setup vibrate like mad too stiff;)

there is more ffb in 082 so thats why it popped up in that fr2.0 with same settings as before.

I agree the overall strength is a tad lower but there is more ffb feel. The low effects are more pronounced / stronger then before probably down to the higher fidelity

@Mika, I found an interesting issue/bug last night.

I’ll preface this with: COMPLETELY MY FAULT

I mistakenly opened the config tool from the 0.7x release while using the 0.8x FW (didn’t update the shortcut on desktop). What appeared like a power spike propagated through the SimuCUBE, lights flashed (didn’t note the pattern), monitor flashed white very briefly twice, and a ‘popping’ noise came from my rim’s button plate. Likely a capacitor popped in the button plate, as it no longer registers as a USB device.

Just wanted to report that this issue is a possibility.

Shouldn’t happen, of course… hmm. :thinking:

That is interesting… I wonder if the Notch filter parameters are not applying correctly at times… I haven’t seen those issues here but you never know as it seems somethings are showing up with some people and not for others.