SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware: Public Beta version 0.7.x bug reports

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Hey Mika.

Having trouble uploading the .dfu file within DfuSe, advises ‘Error Code: Bad State machine in firmware’.

I’ve downloaded and extracted for a second time but I have the same error.


which file are you uploading?

I had the same issue but then i startet configuration tool and everything worked. Did you try this?

hello I have followed all the procedure and everything works, my mmos is still in dfu mode is it normal?


I’ve also followed the option to extract the .dfu file only to the desktop but still the same error

You have to upload it in the bottom right area

Use the circled button, not the one on the left.

Just noticed my error as you posted the reply Mika… thanks for the quick reply

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Do you mean that, after upgrading the bootloader with DfuSeDemo, the SimuCUBE will not go back to operating mode? Is there a “SimuCUBE in Firmware Update Mode” visible in Devices?

no in devices I have only simucube, if I open mmos there is still dfu mode in red and dfusdemo does not recognize my simucube in dfu

You should not be trying to use MMOS at all, after uploading the bootloader using DfuSeDemo.

You should be using the Configuration Tool instead - click update firmware button there. Does it work?

Yes, you are now using everything correctly. You should now just stop using MMOS. It isn’t needed for anything, and it won’t work with the new SimuCUBE firmware.

great thank you MIka

Hey Mike,

I’m all up and running and have a working Config tool, I use really low Overall Strength so is it possible to add a decimal point… I normally run 1.55 or 1.66 or should I adjust FFB strength with iRacing?


I might implement this at some point. For now, you can fine-tune with the iRacing slider.

if you delete profiles quickly, you can get communication faults.

Hi Mika, do you think that you can look into the problem with rotation 540° and 420° today? Can i do something to solve the issue? Thank you very much.

I will test that today.