SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread


Got it from the link on the wiki. Noticed though that it says the FW version is 0.8.1.
Tool version is reported as 0.8.2.


Yep correct… there have been adjustments to the interface that go beyond the firmware version.


Just saying, because the FW release page on the wiki says FW 0.8.2 and tool 0.8.2.


Yeah, there seems to be a typo or I forgot to change a version number somewhere. :smiley:


Made an icon got board of the standard one screen grabbed Simucube wheel :slight_smile:



Suggestions for an official app icon are welcomed. Any others?




These should also work as the smallest icon used on Windows. I very much believe that the text will go bad.


so cool Simon! I was always using some random icon from windows, TNX man!


Simon’s icon would work for me, as I’m using the Mmos icon for simuCUBE at present, which is similar.

If you re-arrange the simuCUBE name it might work better for an app icon.



I kinda like that one But in the normal blue… Maybe over a dimmed granite devices logo



Version 0.8.3 is released. Only change is an USB bugfix, that should correct most of the issues with crashing games.


I lost the bootloader before and can’t download again from here :

How can I get it again ?
I have MMos and 0.7x version has been installed, do I still need the bootloader for latest FW ?


So you have mmos OR 0.7.x?


with 07x there is a boot loader already installed… You just need to download the latest firmware and use the Update firmware button in the “NEWLY” downloaded Configuration tool.


I have them both on hand Mika


Latest firmware works very good on all popular sims with me.
Only issue it seems it does not load the custom default profile strenght.
But always it seems it reverts back to the intial settings of 100% strenght, while showing the profile i selected to be default (only has 35% strenght).
So when i loaded up a car and drove over the first curbs my wrists got quite a beating.
Any idea why it wont load properly?
Everything else functions fine.


The default profile not setting correct strength is known issue, fix will be in the next build.


Version 0.8.4 is now released with minor fixes here and there.


Thanx Mika,
Will try it later this afternoon! Appreciate your efforts :slight_smile: