SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware release thread

Here, new versions of the public beta are announced.

Please keep comments and discussions in the main discussion thread.

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First public beta version v 0.7.1 is released.

edit: the Configuration Tool is actually 0.7.5 and the 0.7.1 refers to the firmware version.



You have burned the candle both ends this last year to get this ready - from myself and on behalf of the community, this is much more appreciated than you can imagine.

I will buy the beers next time, kiitoksia hyvin paljon, Mika!


Do I need any special tools for installation ? Eg bootloader

Read the manual first. It will answer most of your questions.


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Yes, just found the manual and have a quick read after the reply :wink:

Installed as per manual, works as advertised, almost feels like the wheel is attached to a real car, to those who are starting for the first time go and drive the AMG GT3 in iRacing, the car feels like the beast it is. Busy playing with various profiles and liking it more an more, Mika and all who worked on this project, well done, a job exceeded. Look forward to the development from here.
Suggest all who download add your profiles so others can benefit.
Thanks again.

Large Mige, fanatec adapted wheels. Simucube (of course)

Good morning everybody, yesterday night i went bed at 1.00 to test the new firmware…
Everything worked well, I used it mostly with Assetto Corsa and Raceroom.
The only doubt is a feeling slightly notching on the curbs and I didn’t understand which options I have to change to reduce it, I need a parameter like “filter” of the mmos.

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Update process did complete but did hit issues when updating from the MMOS firmware, and had to re-flash the IONI to the latest version 10061.

To be honest It was a bit late at night and I couldn’t vouch if I waited or noticed the upgrade message in the Configuration tool, and could have powered on/off right after the firmware update

I Was able to recover with re-flashing the IONI, but makes the process a bit more long winded.

Everything seems to be working fine, one comment as a user with a 4K (High DPI) display is the GUI doesn’t render very well, some text gets cut off and the text doesn’t fit very well within the input boxes, but these are only cosmetic issues not functional ones, I’m not near the rig at the moment, but can send a screenshot if requested.

The UI rendering issue is known issue. We will attempt to re-do the whole UI at some point, but for now, it is not on the top of the list to do.

Thanks for the Public release its a nice improvement over mmos!

I am having problem…

What I have done is according this link, Case B and upload the bootloader into my simucube.
After that all stuck, MMos cannot recognize my wheel, also cannot see STM32 bootloader in device manager…

I think I cant handle this beta FW, How can I rollback to previous version ?
My Granity is version1.11

Thank you very much.

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After flashing, you should see SimuCUBE in Firmware Update Mode in device manager.

If you do, then you can not use MMOS anymore. You must you the new SimuCUBE Configuration Tool and click Update Firmware in there.

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I’ve just updated the User Guide to include a link to my install video, and there is also step-by-step install guide (by Brion) to which I added pictures from the video. Hopefully this will help many.


Thank you for really quick reply Mika.
I have set it successfully.
Do I still need to use with granity as well ?
And where to set the strength of force ? Many many index are grey out.

You will only need Granity if you want to setup new encoder settings or play with MMC values. Note, that you must press the “Enable IONI USB Configuration” button if you wish to do so.

Many settings are greyed out? Add a new profile, then you can edit it.

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I have just installed this first beta release. Good job so far!

As I would like to make some comparisons with MMOS, what is the process to flash back the Simucube with MMOS firmware?

Thank you.

You will have to manually set the SimuCUBE into DFU mode using the dip switch, and then reflash the MMOS dfu file using DfuSeDemo.

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Do you mean to open the controller box and switch on the simucube board ?

Yes. See: