SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread


While GlobeSpy is still running around in circles :wink:

0.10.4 has been released.


Is it the FW base?
So ‘0’ for this current build until we get to 1.0?

Probably not, I was sure it had to do with diagnostics/errors/issues with phasing.



The new FW - the part about is being possible to recenter the wheel permanently.
What exactly is this? Is this like a simple way of re-doing the indexing?
I wonder if this could help with my wheel having to be slightly to the right before powering up and phasing since that’s where the original index point is?


it is just so that you can set up the center point after you have done the motor, encoder and center point wizard, and you change something so that you would want to just re-center the steering and also save that center point in the SimuCUBE. It is basicly the last “center as accurately as you can” page from the wizard.


ok, so basically it’s a more permanent version of the same button that’s been there for a while now, but previously was only relevant to that session?

PS - I didn’t need to run the wizard updating from 0.10.3 to the latest 0.10.4
I’ve power cycled the Simucube and the Config app several time now and it’s all good, no re-calibration required!


Version 0.11.0 has been released.


Thanx Mika, appreciated :wink:


0.11.0b has been released to fix the too high CPU utilization caused by too high rate of wheel UI updates.


Thanx Mika, I will test tomorrow night.

My 10.4 was only running CPU up to 4%, but of course other background things running.


Here’s the CPU usage with b.


Ha, back to normal then - I will flash tonight…


No need to flash, it is just the Configuration Tool.


I have an wish for an function to set the overall strength, as my steering wheels differ a bit in weight and diameter it would be nice to be able to adjust all profiles strength with one parameter.

(the possibility to change all parameters relative to current profile would be even better)


On rFactor2, the steering wheel loses its centering, even without impact, and suddenly.
Small mige 0.11.00.
thank you


does the off-center remain after you restart the system? Does your issue only affect rFactor2?


Thanks,Mika !
After restart simucube,i drived 20 tours of Bahrein (rF2) without problèm.


I’ve been getting the same issue along with some jittery on-screen wheel tracking. Do you pause mid race and then restart Simucube or restart the race and Simucube completely? Wasn’t sure if it was my encoder that was causing the problem as it only happens occasionally and only after driving for a while.


Very interesting. Please, paste the debug logs. But this is a wrong thread, please use the bug reporting thread from now on.


I take it you want the debug logs from when it happens or are they stored from previous sessions that I can bring up?


when it happens - they are not stored in the device.