SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware: Next features POLL

Please select what you would want to have working next, in addition to fixing bugs.

  • End stop effect
  • More game support (AC, pCars, Automobilista)
  • Bootloader to simplify firmware updates
  • Desktop centering spring effect
  • Digital button inputs with debouncing

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You can, of course, suggest other features. I will close the poll at the weekend, and maybe set up the new one with the “winners” removed and some other things added.

Saving profiles would be also nice.

I have now closed the poll. End stop effects were winning the bootloader at one point, so I already started those. That will get finished. Next obvious winners are more game support and bootloader.

New poll (with new features) will get posted after the these winners are close to being completed.

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  • Separate Software Endstop degree setting into the profile settings. Endstop settings (max force, etc) to hardware settings
  • All endstop settings to profile settings (If you vote this, tell me why endstop force settings should be quickly changeable from game to game.)

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So that was quite clear result then.

Now I’m wondering what would be the most convenient number to put into the UI. Example: Steering angle is 900 degrees, and user wants endstop at 25 degrees before that. Is the wheel endstop setting convenient to display as “850” (lock-to-lock) or “50” (from full range) or “25” from logical range end or 850/2 = “425” (from center).

  • 850
  • 50
  • 25
  • 425

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I would just be happy we could just save multiple profiles with different steering locks. Ie 400 degrees for a tattus. 360 for a modern f1 car etc.

Yeah, this setting is the one that will be in the profile section in the UI, to be sometime implemented so that user can set multiple profiles.

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In MMOS I used to have it set to 10 x Gain at 100% Max Force. This let me to hit the stop without getting any violent counterforce from the wheel and if I wanted I could even turn the wheel over this end stop.

work in progress…

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Unless the poll suddenly reverses opinion, I think the endstop effect is now completed.

(requires testing, of course.)

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I’m ready to test, just upload the new firmware.
But I think you overcomplicate it.
When calibrating in any Sim you need to hit the End stop regardless if you use 540 or 1080 degree.
So you should only to ramp up counterforce after you reached the end stop.

True, but feature to set “hardware” endstop separately from the wheel angle was specifically requested, as some games have very poor implementation of endstop, sending wheel with abrupt full force into other direction.

You can always set the “hardware” endstop after you have calibrated.

Thats the point, you don’t need to use 100% of counterforce when the wheel position is outside the set range of degree. Try using 10% or less. This will also prevent the wheel spinning from endpoint to endpoint like it was mentioned in the other thread when changing from 900 to 10 degree.

I think the most effective way to do it would be:

Steering Angle = Whatever is sent to the Sim as the wheel angle
Bumpstop Angle = Whatever the bump stops would be at +the hardware settings for ramp range ext…

So a setting of 900 deg SA and 900deg BA would be standard… If you wanted bump stops at 400deg rotation the setting would be 900deg SA, 400deg BA

Say you want 1080 steering = 1080 SA, 1080 BA
1080 steering with 900 bump = 1080 SA, 900 BA

Say you want ineffective bump stops for that profile = 900 SA, 930+ BA

Just a whole lot easier with no math involved…

Generally, this is a good idea, but then if driver uses force against the endstop, it would “give” when he has turned some way past it. That is also unexpected behavior.

And, for the wheel to detect all of these possibilities… hmm, not easy to implement.

Yep, our algoritm is good.

BUT, if the BA is at 900 and user changes steering angle to 800 AND the steering wheel was resting at 800<steering<900, that would cause immediate endstop force to the wheel.

Also, if user starts to type the ‘800’ starting with 8, then if the auto apply routine runs just at that moment, endstop effect would also happen when 8<steering<900, that is, almost always if the wheel isn’t exactly at center.

Need to further think about this!

just let the Autoapply function check if the current wheel position is below BA/SA degrees.

I shall be doing something like that. I will also add a notification for the purpose, that will go out on auto-apply.

Voted for the wrong option 25 instead of 850 due to misinterpreation. I thought we are talking about the angle of the bumpstop effect itself.

I see you already call it Endstop effect ramp range.

Brion is spot on. However, it’s more convenient if the “Endstop effect ramp range” would not be added in Bumpstop Angle.

Let’s say:
SA = 900°
BA = 600°
BR = 15° (Bumpstop Range = “Endstop effect ramp range”)

Changing BR to alter the stiffness of the Bumpstop should not change where the Bumpstop is starting but where it’s ending (constant "Endstop maximum strength).

By the way, we should agree on one name for each setting. Endstop or Bumpstop, I prefer Bumstop :slight_smile: