SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Testing for me tomorrow


I would have gone with the BISS C now. Yes it is more expensive, but you will not have to pay the round trip shipping to send the 10k back and arrival of the BISS C.


Sure I’m interested. What’s new? :slight_smile:



There is room for a few more testers, especially if there is someone capable to do new feature testing.


Ive got some free time tonight. So im in for some testing.


im up for some testing if needed


Really want to know what these new features are!


Intrigued by “Initial firmware-level support for potential upcoming hardware feature is included in this build“


no showstoppers overnight, but I will implement a required change before official release.


Of course! Been a while!


I have implemented the required change, but it needs fine tuning on Monday to be really usable. So, no new testers now, but full release late on Monday night.


Not telling anything more. Features are still in experimental stage. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Joe

I will be ordering the BISS C as soom as Tomo gets back to his email account and sees my message. I jumped on the 10k encoder far too quickly before I realised how simple it was to upgrade to simucube. I never learn!

At least I’ll be able to contribute to the reviews for the difference between both systems :wink:




Sounds good Mika! Enjoy your weekend


Hi Stephen,

Good news for you!


I can test Today if you want


no need for extra testing anymore, just need to wait for Monday :slight_smile:


Hi Mika, quick question about wiring button boxes into the X12 RJ45 sockets. I plan to purchase a 5m cat 5e cable and cut it in half to give me two bare wire ends and two RJ45 connector ends and wire this to my 14 buttons in the button box. I understand that the 7th button can function as a shift button giving me 32 button functions or so, so, does the shift button need to be a momentary or a latching switch, E.g for momentary I press button 7 and shift is activated and so whatever I press next is the second function or, for Latching, I can leave the switch in either primary or secondary function position.

Thanks in advance.



You can use either type, but from the software side, it just looks if the shift is pressed and then shifts all the other buttons accordingly.