SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Nice one, thanx Mika :wink: Appreciated!!


Exactly what I was waiting for, thanks.


Great work!
I see that the Bodnar product can ad a delay example: +100ms or 300ms per dence for rotary


so there would be some type of buffer for the rotary events which is played back very slowly?


I think he is talking about the “Encoder Pulse Width” setting on the Bodnar Boards


ah yes. Currently that will be around 16 ms which should be enough for games… or is it?


There have been minor setbacks in testing this week, but I’m hoping a pre-release can be put together during the weekend.


Dont know exactly but I think you Can adjust it with the delay for not to many pulses at once?


We will perhaps implement similar things if they are really required.


Status update:

Internal testing and validation of 0.11.1 continues - we didn’t quite get there last week due to other ongoing projects.


Based on today’s testing effort, it is really starting to look very promising!


More testing was done today with new, not yet disclosed features, bugfixes and other improvements.


Ha, now you’re making me curious :slight_smile:


Hello people. I’m new here and hope this is the correct place for my question. I’ve had my OSW small MiGE for a couple of years from and it’s been amazing from the start but I’m now seeing lots of discussion about simucube. My unit came with the ioni pro and stm32 discovery board. I recently purchased a 10000ppr encoder upgrade but then realised after that I could buy the simucube board + a range of much better encoders. My question is, will I notice a difference going from mmos with 10000ppr encoder to simucube with BISS C 22 bit encoder and will there be much to do other than swap boards and install software. Many thanks in advance and thumbs up to all the work you guys have done - it’s nothing short of amazing!



Hello Stephen


Thanks Herve. It seems the difference is subtle so maybe I’ll spend my money somewhere better.




Anyone interesting in prerelease testing 0.11.1 tonight? :wink:


interested… free time tonight for some testing


Hi Stephen.

I got mine with SimuCUBE already installed, so have never tried MMOS, but I seem to remember people chatting about the difference in feel between those two, and that it’s definitely worth the switch. Maybe the encoder upgrade from 10k to BISS is not that evident, but MMOS -> SinuCUBE should be.

Again, not having tried MMOS, I’m just relaying what I believe to have read. Some of the other should be able to comment on that part.

  • Thomas


Hi Thomas

Thanks for getting back. You may have saved me some money here as I have now ordered the simucube board and a 10000ppr encoder upgrade for my MiGE. The BISS C was significantly more expensive so hopefully there is no point going to it. However, Simracingbay has kindly offered me a discount of the BISS C if I change my mind later.

I am really impressed with the OSW community. Everyone is very helpful and open.

I’m looking forward to the new hardware and softwre, I’ll let you guys know how I get on.

Many thanks