SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Now that’s just a big tease!


0.11.1 has been released just now.


Thx Mika. Unconing hardware features???:roll_eyes:


No hints as to what youre up to?



the hint is in the smileys. But perhaps not these four smileys.


Anybody having an issue with this update? If I watch the wheel it doesn’t turn immediately like it used to in the simucube software. Once I turn it about 30 degrees either way it keeps moving but if I stop it again I have to do the same thing again before it moves. It also doesn’t switch profiles all the time when you change them. It will change and then change back by itself.


Interesting. I noticed some lag in the UI for some reason, but the lag was not present in DIView or in control panel.

Do you see anything strange in the debug log?


No idea what you mean Mika


Debug log is available from the Advanced tab.


Lets continue bug reports / troubleshooting here:


I will go there now.[quote=“Mika, post:191, topic:1540, full:true”]
Lets continue bug reports / troubleshooting here:



Would “Initial firmware-level support for potential upcoming hardware feature is included in this build" influence any hardware purchase, as I’m considering changing servo. Thanks


At the moment, there is 0.11.2 version already to be tested by @morpwr and a few others that noticed a cpu problem with that. Also, there is 0.11.3 in development. Busy times :wink:


Thanks Mika ill get on that tonight.


@morpwr tested and reported good news. Anyone else want to try?


Yes me tonight


install 0.11.2 is OK
no problem of consumption cpu (0% processor) with application simucube open
test raceroom is ok
test dirt rally is ok


I also like to try this one. 11.02


0.11.2 is now officially out.


Kiitos hyvin paljon, Mika, I will download and drive with it today.

Appreciated :wink: