SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



we must first decide which way to go, i.e. have it integrated in our software, or to use a bundled-in customized irffb build for this.

For other simulations, we will focus on those later. Very limited development resources…


If it only depends on your decision wouldn’t it be best to take the solution that most customers would benefit from and not only those who are playing a certain simulation? :thinking:


i am pretty sure once u get to a direct drive wheel you are definitely playing iracing already :wink:


There are pretty big sim racing communities including DD owners outside iRacing club.


iracing, AC, ACC would likely scoop up most of the DD owners. If resources are limited, those should be the focus points. I do agree with iracing taking priority due to the willingness of the community to spend more. You’re more included to get SC1 users to upgrade to SC2 in that community vs others.


Shame, AC (and ACC) feel like shit to me.
A DD wheel magnifies all the shortcuts and canned crap that felt ‘realistic’ on my old Thrustmaster/Fanatec wheels.

Probably a lot to do with how much time they put into converting the laser scanned tracks at very high detail.
I’ve driven the same laser scanned tracks and iRacing just does things better.

I know it’s all personal taste, but even with the 60hz signal, I enjoy my racing in iRacing far more than any other Sim.
rFactor is good when you get through all the absolute bullshit UI and race starting, but it takes too much work to get to feeling right, and other than the Sebring DLC, I still say iRacing does it better.

Just my opinion of course.


If you are referring to rF2-FFB requiring tweaks under the hood, then yes, it was a bit much. It is better now, there is still a bit that needs to be done but, S397 added a specific Preset for the SimuCube that just needs the Soft-Lock parameters setup in the user’s custom-json.

Aside from that, it’s very easy to achieve FFB in rF2 that exceeds that of iRacing imo but, they both provide an excellent sense of cornering grip but, rF2 does so with more detail which adds another layer of subtle grip-loss information. AMS is another title that I feel is very similar in how it conveys cornering intensity really well.

There are quite a few DD-wheels users that appreciate all of these titles but, iRacing obviously has the biggest pool of DD-wheel owners with more expendable income but, there are still many players that don’t race online for various reasons.


And I like trains! :partying_face:
Seriously, lets keep these sim wars outside of Granite forums.
There is a sizeable group of DD owners,myself included, finding AC FFB much more informative and enjoyable than iRacing. But of course, you are entitled to your own opinion, even if nobody asks for it. :roll_eyes:


Today, while battling out some tasks regarding Simucube 2, I ported some more new features from Simucube 2 software to the Simucube 1 Configuration Tool.


Will the “Static Force Reduction Filter” feature be done on simucube1?

Thanks for your work !


Regarding the filters, our plan is to get Simucube 2 to customers, then hear out feedback from Simucube 2 users and fine the filters a bit. Then, when we have a satisfactory set of Simucube 2 filters developed, we will analyze what can be implemented on Simucube 1 / IONI servo drive. As of now, we have not done this analysis, and it is not worth to do the analysis until the filters have reached their final versions - otherwise there would be two versions of filters to develop and maintain, which consumes valuable time in development.


Yes ok I understand :slight_smile:


I’m not sure which color of the Simucube logo would fit better, Black or Orange.

  • Black
  • Orange

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orange ? are you mad :wink:


Is it possible to redesign UI to match Granity more professional and modern looking style?


Current plan is to leave Simucube 1 user interface pretty much unchanged, but underlying effect changes do necessitate some changes.

For Simucube 2, there is almost totally reworked UI, but it is more towards brand look and ease of use rather than make it hard engineer-oriented like Granity is.


See now why did you have to go and tell people that… now the disgruntled are going to whine about not having the new interface… your making issues for yourself Mika …LOL


Wel, original plan was to include some things from the new UI, but people wanted new version sooner rather than later.


Orange writings are looking like a warning message. I would be concerned every time i launch the tool.


I like the orange, it would look much better with a black background or at least black shadow detail to make it ‘pop’ - something liked the attached image(s) for inspiration!