SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Next build for simucube 1 will not be final either…


u forget the most interesting fix better and smoother ffb :wink:

  • Much more stable torque update rate to the servo drive, results in smoother force effects
    ( because of a mistake / bug in the ffb torque loop )

Next build is not the final either !? ;p its more like there will be updates to fixes and problems for the coming years right :wink:


Nothing has changed. than a slight delay on a new firmware because they working on getting the SC2 out first asap.

Some people here a acting like the Simcube 1 is going to stop working and not being updated anymore which is not the case :wink:


I am just as happy with my Simucube as I was before the SC2 announcement.
I’m pretty sure we were all beta testers for what the SC2 will be, albeit just a more refined package to compete with Fanatec Podium’s compact design.

New things are released all the time, people spend $1200 on a new iphone every year when the new model comes out, and don’t think anything of it.

Besides, until iRacing updates their core engine, which I suspect might be summer of next year when they also drop support for Win 7.
Most likely because to do some of the things in development like real time weather and their new collision system they will need to re-write the code and most likely use DX12 and have true multi-core support, which has been really holding things back with DX11.
The current day iRacing is all about single core clock speed, that’s the most important thing, and a huge waste of resources left of the table with today’s 6-8 core CPU’s, yet iRacing barely used 2 cores.

The only constant is change.


Its time iRacing updates their 60hz ffb signal to something higher.


Last I heard, their game engine is based on some things happening at certain rates, and a major rewrite would be required to change that rate for something else. Maybe they’ve been doing this in secret, but I do not have high hopes, unfortunately.


Until now I don’t have high hopes for improved FFB through higher Hz rates coming out of a simulator.
Some know what I’m talking about,
And actually even told me that higher rates do not improve overall FFB quality.
So Iracing doesn’t need any changes when using a simucube…


Hmmm, perhaps you’ve never tried rFactor2 or AMS? Those are titles that set the bar for good FFB imo. Even at the 180Hz settings, AMS FFB provides a lot more detail than iRacing does.

ACC vs AC rates changed too but, AC’s rate was overkill, as it requires a lot more filtering to smoothen the harshness out to a reasonable level.

It depends on how much detail you like, Some like FFB more real but, I find that to be pretty dull. I still like having the option to set things to personal preference. That seems to be counter to the current trend in racing titles where tuning options are being simplified (ACC / DR2, etc.) in the name of realism.


indeed, and they dont have even time to do this. they always lag behind i warned them years ago multiple times. but finally the DD rise will force them to do something.

iracing is made for a g25 ;D 60hz is enough that is their philosophy


Believe me i’ve tried them all, and drive them all.
for more than 25 years already.
and more HZ from a physics engine is definitely better force feedback.
The point i was trying to make…, not that long ago Simucube told me that a lower Hz physics output does not affect the quality of the force feedback.
I was just trying to remind someone of things they tried to convince me of, when the opposite is promoted on this forum…
kinda funny if you ask me.
But maybe someone can clarify things that were said earlier :slight_smile:


Okay, I see where you’re coming from. Yeah, I’m about 25 years into this too.

I guess there is more than one rate at work though, physics vs FFB. In the case of iRacing, the limitation is quite evident now, especially as other titles have evolved further. I guess it was hard for developers to imagine the hardware we have today. :slight_smile:


Physics refresh rate and FFB can be different, in iRacing physics is 360Hz, but FFB is limited to 60Hz,
The whole Simucube reconstruction filter was designed specifically for that, to reconstruct missing samples from such low quality signal. While it can improve things (and introduce some artifacts along the way), it is never as good as having higher frequency FFB signal, like AC 333Hz for instance.


In this case it concerned a high FFB rate.
And the subject is USB related.
But no need to go in detail again, the Iracing comments just caught my attention.


which asks the question how close is irffb to beeing implementen into the firmware ?


Me and Nick have plans on that, and it is on the list of things to do.


been testing out irffb more and more and can’t wait for it to be implemented

get cracking mika :smiley:


Right click “integrate” can’t be that hard to do!



I can say, that we have a working telemetry reader integrated in a development version, but other things have taken a lot of time… Hopefully we can make use of that and iRFFB’s effect implementations soon!

Another way to proceed would be to bundle a Simucube-specific version of irFFB to Simucube software package.

But things are still in flux, and I can’t make any promises on when this will be decided and implemented.


Due to upcoming Simucube Wireless Wheel product releases, a Simucube 1 firmware might be released sooner than most people expect.


Will this be part of the SimuCUBE Software and working for both SimuCUBE generations? Please don’t forget that iRacing is not the only Sim out there :wink: