SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Games should set that rotation back when game window gets reactivated, but I will implement this for next release.


So when does it look like we’re actually going to get the firmware update for simucube 1 owners?


Well, there is only the wireless wheel functionality updates that will affect Simucube 1, but a round of testing is required before release. Currently doing all we can to get Simucube 2 firmware and software released, and right after that, maybe.


And I guess this is why a lot of simucube 1 owners are getting disappointed :disappointed_relieved:. Firmware updates have been said they were going to be released since December, and it seems like all focus has switched to simucube 2


Well, the known issues in the latest released version are relatively minor and well documented, so there has not been a reason to update it - even more so as no Simucube Wireless Wheels have been released. Now this is changing, but we do not want to delay shipments of Simucube 2 because of unfinished software.


Does that mean the only difference between the firmware were using and the next version of the firmware is the wireless?


Yes, and some minor UI fixes, some minor directx effect fixes, and all the smoother directx damping and friction effects that we improved.

An updated changelog is here:


Well I guess that’s what I mean if the firmware is pretty much ready Simucube 1 users, maybe consider releasing it for us to try and give feedback.


It would delay Simucube 2 project, so not sensible to do that right now.

We need to back port the pc software changes and improvements too.


And that’s why I would have to say that everyone who owns simucube 1, Including myself, feels quite a little bit unhappy about everything. As you guys keep saying that simucube 1 owners are not being pushed to the side for simucube 2. That’s what is really happening.


So we should continue developing Simucube 1 and then all of a sudden stop it and switch completely to Simucube 2?

That is exactly what is not happening.

Simucube 1 will get updates, but the priority, quite rightly so, is to get Simucube 2 ready.


No that’s not what I’m saying but you yourself have been promising firmware releases since December.


Yes, and the required changes for Simucube 2 just kept piling up leaving no time to get Simucube 1 release out. But we also were not happy with the quality of a test version that is out there for Simucube 1 Wireless Wheel builders, and it was just this week that we fixed the serious but rare issue affecting it.


And believe me when I say I understand what you’re saying software development is a nightmare but all this time Simucube 1 loyal users have been patiently sitting by the sidelines waiting for that announcement, thinking it was for us, and I believe a lot of us feel let down and kind of still do. Which is why I was asking if the firmware could possibly be released to us so the community would feel better and a little reassured.


It will be released when we have time to do it.


SimuCUBE is becoming a joke. The whole OSW thing is going down the drain.


And that comment right there, is why the community feels like simucube 1 is being kicked to the curb


We are interested in hearing more about your reasoning about this.


Tommi, Dennis: Being very close to Granite, I can simply say this: Your assumptions and deductions are absolutely fact-less, and not necessary, tbh.

I have never lied to this community, I never will, simply trust me when I say this: I visited Granite Devices HQ in Hervanta yesterday afternoon -> We had very good discussions around Simucube 1 and IONI, including FW, Application SW and filtering, and as yet an unnamed topic. I am super-excited about Mika and Tero’s thinking around these topics, more in good time.

Hang tight for a while longer, guys, GD is now over the back of the camel wrt SC2 development and its FW will be rolled out very soon, myself and a select few will be doing early new-feature testing next weekend.

Once this is done, which by my recollection always has been a very quick and short process, work on porting the viable newest filters over to SC1 will start. I believe there is a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow here for not only SC2, but also existing SC1 owners.



Luckily the current build is rock solid for me, I waiting also on a final build
But don’t bash them they have worked hard enough trough time! and I even think this was not
@ Office times! so be patient
Just my 2 cents