SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



could the data from the telemetry be used for the ffb like gametrix or simhub for example


Yes, and we might actually develop something like that, sometime.


Today, I ported the revised version of the Configuration Tool Connection Manager part from another software to Simucube Configuration Tool. Found a few bugs also, and the result is a more stable connection.


Wow… Great products that simucube has released! Do i have to sell my mige or is simcube gonna continue the support simucube for old mige​:grin::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Does this relate to the SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware development?


I do not really understand your exact question. We pushed the open source code a year or so ago, and got almost 0 movement behind it except for some behind the scenes suggestions and questions. We also couldn’t keep it up to date to not reveal the Simucube 2 project to public too early. So, maybe we will push the Simucube firmware to open source once more, and see what happens.

It doesn’t make sense to keep things open source if nobody is taking advantage of it, so lets see…

The development of the firmware continues, and just last week we found some bugs to fix, such as the sine effect slider affecting also the directinput centering spring. Nobody has noticed this since 0.11.2 was released?? :slight_smile:


Mika, with the effort that you have put in, as well as to protect your IP, considering Team China and their clones, why give this away to them?

A risky move imho, unless I misunderstood which parts will be released to OS



Sorry. I’ve confused things by including the words “Open Source” in my question.

What I was referring to was the beta development of the excellent SimuCUBE firmware for the OSW, moving towards a 1.0 release.


Yes, we are deep into fixing the remaining issues. Current version in testing is 0.12.5 and it also runs on my Simucube 1 unit.

When the release time comes for Simucube 2, v1.0.0 will be available for Simucube 1 as well, or at least very close to it. There are things we want to look at, such as some remaining USB issues, that are important.


Cheers Mika, great news for us all :wink:


Evident by the lack of uptake, I don’t think there would be much community outrage if you released a final version of open source based simucube1 and then move future versions to closed source to protect your IP.

For S1 owners, the concerns isn’t really about it open and closed. It’s having confidence in continuity and a lifespan.


Why would we do something differently to like it was before - i.e. periodically continue to update the open source repository for Simucube 1. That is the plan and it hasn’t changed.

This hasn’t changed at all by yesterdays product announcement.


Really happy to hear that


Things are going full speed ahead on getting new stuff tested and working for Simucube 2, but also not forgetting Simucube 1.

Some backwards compatibility is going to get dropped, though. This includes automatic converting of <0.11 profiles to the new 0.11 format. No point of having that for just a few Simucube 1 <0.11 upgraders.


Today, @Joonas_Koivunen also fixed an important bug on our wireless wheel functionality, which, while not happening while driving, could cause the firmware to crash! This was a long term blocker for also the official sc1 release.


is there any possibility editing of settings like recon, effects, damping and so on could be possible without undoing a game set rotation?


Great I noticed that earlier while testing our new wheel PC locked up


It should not have caused a whole pc lockup, just a unresponsive device that would still be visible in Control Panel.


The firmware greyed out and the mouse was unresponsive it happened when I changed the device name then disconnected and tried to reconnect


But it could easily be a coincidence my PC is normally very stable though