SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



That’s all fair.

I’m playing devils advocate a little here, but I understand the safety considerations.
When they interfere with the basic functions of the wheel (drifitng for example in the rally cars) and break the immersion, then that’s no good.

I think we can have safety without it breaking things.


Yeah, I was thinking of any use cases where the 45 degrees would cause issues. Maybe 90 degrees would be better. Also smooth ramp-up of FFB over several seconds when user releases e-stop is something we are considering.


This week, we have been analyzing and fixing some important performance issues with the firmware, and have gotten closer to release.


nice. thanks for the update




^^I promised I won’t tell :slight_smile:


I did not promise, but I still won’t tell.

I think it is time for Granite Devices to tell if they are posting pics.


We are posting teasers.

There will be also a new website:


Can we post that one


yes, that can be shared.



that picture is also posted on our Twitter and FB feeds today :slight_smile:


Mark The Date: 3rd April 2019.

I just test drove DW12 at Sebring. And it was good.


Mika, you are becoming quite good at the teasing game these days. :grin:


Lots of good stuff coming. You guys have been hard at work.


Back to the firmware discussion. When we’ll see new firmware to coming out?


One might guess that some new developments have taken a priority. However, on the firmware side, the benefit is added smoothness of effects, and well tested Simucube Wireless Wheel support, plus a few bug fixes.

I’m testing the latest build myself at home with Simucube firmware, but not quite there yet - we need one added API feature implemented to IONI before we can release.


Ok. Thanks for info!


Great news, thanx Mika!


Im so glad I went with the osw. You can definitely see there are a bunch of guys that care behind it.