SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



0.11.7 is close to release ?


Yeah, we have kind of gotten lost and busy with unrelated developments, and gathering all those loose ends into a well tested 0.11.7 release has been a moving goalpost. I hope we can find the time to release that next week.


Wonder if you can have a “dark” and “light” version of the tool like many apps have these days.
Keep neutral/earthy colors and avoid the ‘eye bleed’ :smiley:


The goalpost seems to be still moving, and while there is indeed a need to get the Wireless Wheel system official release out, there is just too exciting developments at a delicate state to rush the release. I’m not too optimistic on doing the final testing next week.


We want to improve the operational safety on Simucube. One of the things that has been implemented recently, is a safe torque cutoff when the wheel has been turned more than 45 degrees over the bumbstop in any situation (if bumbstops are enabled).

Would you say that 45 degrees is correct for this - is anyone turning over 45 over the bumbstop regularly?


Just make it optional.


Safety features are not optional.


It’s not there right now, is it!?


no, its a completely new feature, and it has been implemented due to some requests we have had. Only thing that needs to be decided is the amount of steering angle that would trigger this.


Can you make the safety angle configurable at least?


yes, but we would rather not. Just to set the limit sufficiently high to not trigger for any users while driving.


ok. I won’t argue anymore. I’ll just stop updating from now on.


Do you also drive without seatbelts, etc.? I’m puzzled.

Any other opinions?


consider the following: Simucube is on, and a wireless wheel is attached. E-stop is on. Game is running. There is no way to externally see whether or not someone has turned the wheel for 10 rotations, for example. So the bumbstop force will be applied instantly when the e-stop is released, and at the worst case, user has high torque settings and high bumbstop force. This is the situation that we want to detect!


Very good idea, Mika, especially in this day and age wrt HSE.

45-deg sounds pretty good, personally I believe if you even get close to the bumpstops in racing, you’re doing it wrong, but drifting might be the exception. Still, if the angle is to restricted, peeps can open up the bumpstop limits a bit more.

Just go for it, will be fine imho.


Excellent safety feature and if related to the bumpstop settings still configurable.


I use the seatbelt every time I drive. I still have a choice not to use it though.


This is a bit different, Dennis.

It is about taking reasonable safety-measures to prevent injuries to those that might not anticipate/exoect it, or might indeed do silly things, get themselves injured and then want to sue GD because of their own doing.

We see this all the time in first-would countries. So where safety is concerned, I agree with GD view, it should NOT be an option to be disabled, as it won’t stand up under scrutiny. Like mentioned above, you can simply open the bump-stop limits a bit wider if it is a problem for you, but anyway, if you hit those, you have other problems to fix.

Perhaps my view is very myopic, my apologies if it appears to be the case, as I am mostly using iRacing, where the wheel is set by the sim to the correct degrees of rotation if you set it wide, eg. 900deg.

Whether or not you or I agree with the decision by GD at the end, doesn’t matter. For the sake of self-preservation, it is required, especially with the future in mind :wink:


I hear you. But still… my gear, my decision.


Yep, all good.

Up to now, Simucube has been the most open and configurable of all solutions out there, including access to low-level parameters.

Adding a few additional safety features won’t impact my choice of DD-wheel going forward. Simucube brings so much additional value and benefits, I can’t see making a change to another solution easily.

Having been involved with the DD development from the start, I have firsthand experience (and scars) to understand exactly why Mika is implementing this feature, but as said, each to their own though :stuck_out_tongue: