SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



Long time, no reports.

But there is a version for testing, if anyone wants. :wink:


Yes, please! Sent me via Dropbox!

Kiitos paljon :slight_smile:


Im up for some testing.


You already have it :wink: I just want further testing before releasing publicly.


Ha, great, thank you, I missed that earlier in the link you send!

Lols, my brain is melting due to the heat-wave we’re having Down Under…


I am ready for tests


I got your message, unfortunately I’ve found a bug and cannot give the firmware for testing.

As a general development update, we have just updated the Simplemotion library for the first time in a long while. There is also a IONI firmware update coming quite soon, with important bugfix that might effect some simracers! Stay tuned for that. Both of these require some testing as the IONI firmware update feature is part of Simplemotion and we need to make sure that everything still works as expected.


So we should hold off on testing?


The test version has issue that should not be serious, but will hold back a public release.

We will try to have the IONI firmware update ready too, making it an all in one release, so there is another round of internal testing required.


yes please. i’d like to try it.


There is a new IONI firmware out. Simucube users do not need to update, the update will be automatic with the next Simucube firmware release.


We have heard about some issues with the 1.7.8 firmware. Therefore, we do not recommend a manual update to it at this time for Simucube users.


I’ve now managed to reproduce the issue being reported with 1.7.8 IONI firmware, and we have pulled the file from the wiki.


We have been testing lots and lots of motors recently.


We are trying to get some color to the UI:


Will there be color options integrated into the config tool?


Likely not options, but a step change with brand new color scheme that will be on the 1.0 release.


personally not a fan of the black and orange, a little harsh on the eyes.



It might look better on our own screen?


I also agree, that the first try was not optimal, but there are ways to make it easier for eyes.