SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread 2



It would be nice if they would have given out the black friday promotion codes that they were talking about here aswell.


Those were specifically related to launching those new social media channels.

Social media is marketing and visibility, this is just our quite small and limited forum. Both have their purposes.

Tero did mention about those codes in the post, and also both social media pages can be accessed without a facebook/twitter account as well.


I think the cat is out of the bag. We might share some screenshots soon.


Now I cant wait to see what the other two pictures reveal that you guys have been working on.:smile:


Just two teaser pictures.


You teaser :lol:

Looking good there, Mika!


Will you support different wheel images for different button plates?


most likely so that it will try to load the .png file corresponding to the button plate name from our server, and if not found, then shows the default image (wheelimage.png) like it is now.


What are you meaning with Click both pedals ???
I have a Formula one steer I can only shift up or down not both


Sorry, I do not understand the question?


" under manage wireless device " is text that saying click both peddars in that picture you send
Wich peddars do you mean? I have no translation for that word in Dutch


Ah yes, it means that the pairing and connectivity function of a Simucube Wireless Wheel is controlled by pressing both shifting paddles at the same time. This rules out any wheel manufacturers from making the formula type of shifting mechanisms, but we researched a bit and found those to be very rare anyway.

Retrofitting an old wheel with the Simucube Wireless transmitter is of course possible, if you put the paddle shifters somewhere else than the paddles in that type of wheel. This would of course make it impossible to hot-swap the wheel as easily, as using the module dictates that the shifting paddles are in always exactly the same pins. But the system was not designed for DIY anyway, so we don’t see it as an issue.


“stuur flippers”, maybe?



I got a problem with my SimuCube

Small Mige 20NM, 480 W PSU, BISS-C Encoder (conversion of 10k encoder)

I have updatet the Firmware to 0.11.2 and the Ioni FW to 1.7.7.

After that, my Simucube vibrates and twitches left and right. I can not prevent that by trying to hold the steering wheel firmly

I have already loaded a drc file from Simracingbay. Unfortunately without success

Can someone share me a .drc file pls?


EDIT: I have to Configure Motor again… now all works fine :wink:


It says “paddles”, not “peddars” in that screenshot. And for the Dutch speaking that means “stuurflippers” :wink:


My post says flippers!?


It does here:


I can correct his spelling mistakes in my head.


Development is continuing, and we are finalizing missing things and doing some endurance testing on the Simcube wireless system.

Also bootloader project has been resurrected, and it has been ported to Truestudio. This was a needed step, but not visible to users, unfortunately.


Thanx Mika, great work :slight_smile:

Looking forward testing next version!