SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware: Beta version 0.7.x bug reports

New Bug, or moreso an inconvenience…

If you have to reconfigure the servo using the wizard and you have one of your profiles Open (generally Default… The Wizard will overwrite the settings within that profile…

Since the Wizard looks for the Read only profile to run it would be good if it selected it before running so that when it is finished it will not overwrite the actual default profile and will only try to overwrite the read only profile.

Good catch, I think I will review that part when I get back from Simexpo/Germany.

Another New Bug along with a very weird and odd occurrence.

The Weird Occurrence first - I was running the DW12 and playing with filter settings on the fly trying to figure out some settings with the Large Mige and my SinCOS 5000 line encoder (set to 64x)… Well for some reason I lost all feedback and get tis the Encoder signal inverted (on its own) so I was steering Backwards… I have no clue as to how why or what caused this but I thing somehow I ver taxed my Power Supply as I later found out that the Servo would no longer initialize at the settings that I had (it would fire off a Undervotage Fault)…

So anyway here the fault comes in… Instead of going directly to Granity with the issue I decided to try to reconfigure the servo… As it turns out if the Servo will not initialize there is no exit notification mentioning that something failed so it says the initialization is Complete BUT it keeps the Next button greyed out which makes it look like it has crashed even though it has not (you can cancel out). So basically without any notification of failure it seems like it crashed in the end…

As it turns out I just needed to lower the MCC by .5A to get it to reinitialize again… I have no idea if it is a permanent issue or not… so tomorrow I will try out the old settings after the PS has cooled and rests…

Code review from the motor config wizard didn’t reveal any causes for the wrong profile being overwritten.

Can’t really say what happened with your backwards steering thing. Was the encoder also inverted wrt. normal if you looked it in Granity?

A better description and a request:

I changed this code last week. Are you certain that you are testing with the very latest version of the configuration tool? I really didn’t find the command from the configuration tool that would do this. However, I need to check if there was something in the firmware side too.

It is the 070c version… basically if I have a profile set and and I use the doc configuration file for setup it overwrites the setting that was there… I will try to get you a video of what is going on as it is a sequence of things possibly… It doesn’t re-write it N the firmware of course until you actually save it if you don’t catch it… but it changes the settings on that open profile to whatever is in the .drc… I am not sure if it does it for the settings from the IONI but I would suspect that the issues might be the same there I will have to recheck.

Ah yes, I think I was supposed to change that, and I looked at only the newly added profile management stuff in the review earlier.

Now I know what to fix.

Thank you!

anyway, here is the video:

It might not be finished uploading when this posts BUT it shows basically all the issues that I described with regard to this as well as the DRC dropdown menu

Back to this because I missed your reply… But yea it was really weird because everything was showing up in granity as fine and normal direction… It just for some reason corrupted the direction… turn right it turns left (the correct amount I might add… Anyway I think it was a fluke sort of thing as power cycling the SimuCUBE fixed it… though I did have to let things cool WRT the Power supply before it would take my original settings again as something went weird there…

I sent a PM to Tero regarding the Oscillation issue with the lower 64x setting on the 5000 line encoder as it doesn’t appear to be a SimuCUBE firmware issue since it DOES NOT happen when running full 256x which you would think would make it worse…

Let’s just agree with everyone, as part of the basic standard procedures and noted in the supporting Document, that people restart their SimuCUBE via power off/on after flashing. This is always the best after flashing micros I think.

No issues on my side.


I just selected a profile while forgetting to recenter my wheel causing the wheel to rotate back to center.

I actually think I kind of have it that way in the User Guide… But I can’t remember at the moment… I would think that it is not a bad idea I think Mika is just most worried about the state of the SimuCUBE after installing the SimuCUBE firmware but before or during a IONI Firmware update as if someone cycles the power at the wrong time during that it can lock up the drive.

People should be told what is allowable and what not - Clear instructions not to interrupt the process until all-clear, then proceed with the restart.

Similar as when they reflash a motherboard BIOS :slight_smile:

We need to make this as fool-proof as possible within limits, for the rest, common-sense should prevail, otherwise Mika will be busy coding for the next 5 years…

That is true… I think the only way I think it will be foolproof is if the IONI update is moved to within the Flash update sequence so it is not within the background as it partially is now. then there would be a single distinct finish of process rather than two separate ones that are at different times… One when the Simucube firmware gets installed and then the Configuration tool closes, and then a second when the Configuration tool is reopened and the IONI firmware is updated… The Cycling would have to take place AFTER the second opening of the Configuration Tool AFTER the Simucube goes operational again and probably actually after the automatic processing of the Motor, Encoder and Centerpoint wizard finishes…

So I guess we could say to Power up/down the SimuCUBE after Configuring the Servo, Encoder, and Centerpoint for the first time after a Firmware upgrade as that would be the best point to say that everything that is needed RE:Updates has been completed successfully…

I am not sure I have personally run into any problems directly related to the Firmware upgrade though after it has been installed live… But then I may have restarted it anyway as I tend to do that… So I can’t say for sure.

So I guess we could say to Power “up/down” the SimuCUBE after Configuring the Servo,

Brion I think the use the terms off/on not up/down would be better.

True, on/off would be better for general terminology… I know Mika had some concerns with the power cycling when I was originally writing the installation point of the guide… I will wait to see if he comments on this as far as placing a note in the guide to cycle the power after the configuration… and if he is good with it I will update things in the User Guide… I still have to go back through and adjust some things and do some formatting stuff anyway…

the firmware page mentions an “ini-file import/export” feature, but I’m not seeing that in the last 7.0 (c?) version i have here. where do those options live?

also, the configuration tool still has a “max motor current: will be added here” label in red text.

this might be 'by design, but if i create a new profile (and do not save it), then go back to my old profile which was already saved , the configuration tool says “settings updated - save to make permanent” even when i made no changes.

Open the analog settings, there are buttons there to export/import those settings.

For profiles, there is not yet those things. I will implement that next, but it was fun to play with the thing and doing simple stuff first makes complicated stuff easier to do…

This is indeed by design. When you create a new profile, it is actually also created in SimuCUBE memory, but it will be lost if you power cycle before pressing the save-button. If you power-cycle, the configuration tool will detect that, SimuCUBE will reload settings from flash, and when Configuration Tool re-detects SimuCUBE, it will delete all profiles from its memory and download those that were loaded to SimuCUBE from flash.