SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware: Beta version 0.7.x bug reports

As before, report issues here.

Known issue:

The configuration tool will crash, if user clicks cancel when the firmware update wizard was opened automatically.

May not be a bug, but I notice it is not possible to permanently rename a profile. It will remain renamed until you close down and re-start the SimuCUBE configuration tool, when it then reverts to the original name.

I did kind of manage to repeat this, but on the second try everything worked fine. I’m going to have another look at this tomorrow.

It turns out this was indeed a bug. One line of code was missing, resulting in the profile data not being sent to SimuCUBE if only the profile name was changed, and not any other settings was touched.

I’ve now fixed this, and released a hotfix.

I started fw 0.7 installation by starting the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool v.0.7.
Tool informed that I have old fw and it will be updated.

Configuration tool crashed just when the installation was complete (before motor wizard).
I started installation tool again and wizard completed successfully.

After wizard was completed I noticed that wheel axis were reversed.

I did power cycle for SimuCube and then the axis were ok.

Windows 10
Boot loader 0.6


This is the same crash issue that is already known. I’m just now going to attempt to fix it.

MikaGranite Devices team1m
Sorry, didn’t really understand? If you think this is a bug, make step by step guide to do this. Write that to the bug reporting thread.

Im just closing down the config tool after a save to simcube and reloading it.
Just made another adjustment to a car save and reload and the config made a duplicate of another car profile i just had. I then deleted the duplicate car profile saved to simucube relaunched the config tool and it duplicated the same car profile a gain. Does it every time now,

Cant test any more for now got to go to work.

Ok. Can you test if it still does this if you “play it gentle” and click mouse only every two seconds?

Not sure what you mean ?

If i go in and only delete the duplicate thats 1 click to select the profile one click to delete it and another to save and the last click to close the config tool

Well some of the settings go to SimuCUBE via auto apply that runs every second or so. If a user does many things very quickly, there might be issues. I’m not sure if this is the case here, thats why I wanted to have “slow” test of the same thing.

I did try to repeat the problem Ippai reported above. I wasn’t successful.

Please everyone, try to repeat it! :):thinking:

I’m getting something like this. Last night I created just 1 profile. Without touching anything in profiles tonight, I’ve now got 3 extra profiles with the same name and content I did not create.

I delete them, click save to SimuCUBE and they disappear. When I quit the configurator and re-start it the extra profiles (which I did not create) have re-appeared.

I just tried it again, but this time powered down and powered up SimuCUBE inbetween quitting configurator and opening it again, but still the duplicate profiles are re-appearing in the drop dpwn list.

Good news everyone, I found a bug. Fixing it now!

Fix is out, please test that :slight_smile:

Kiitos paljon! Will test sometime this morning

Me too in 3 hours…

created 3 car profiles with a save and relaunch on all 3 no problems

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Also no problem after a reboot and power on and off

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