SimuCUBE/IONI drive, does it run hot?

My Augury SimuCUBE has a extremely loud 5 volt fan that runs 5000rpms all the time. It makes more noise than my gaming PC so I disconnected the fan. The wiki says “Note: on board IONI drive will require forced air flow cooling above 7 A output drive current.”. To be safe I’ve put mine to 7A for now.

I’m wondering if someone actually checked how hot these drives get while in use. The Augury case has plenty holes for convection cooling, isn’t that enough?

Btw, I use it with a small MiGE and usually have it set at 10A and around 50nm in iRacing.

yes it needs a fan :wink:

The original acrylic box design for SimuCUBE with 480W/720W PSU has a carefully selected 12V fan connected to the 5V fan connector. Carefully selected, so that it will always run with 5V.

On my own SimuCUBE, I have replaced the fan with a Noctua 80mm x 80mm x 25mm 12V fan, and I selected the one from Noctua’s product catalogue that would spin fastest at 12V, and then tested that it really runs well at 5V.

I would, of course, consider contacting Augury in case of any void of warranty issues you modifications might run into.

But having some type of fan would be recommended indeed.

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Alright. Can you check which model of Noctua fan that exactly is?

Noctua also sells 5 volt fans. They have a 60mm fan that runs 3000rpm @ 19dBA (Noctua NF-A6x25 5V). They sell it both in PWM or non PWM version, I’m thinking about getting the PWM version just to have that PWM fan-control in case I need it for future use.

It would appear that the one I got is the NF-A8 FLX. Note, that in order to connect that to SimuCUBE, you must strip the original connector, which voids the warranty on the fan.

I do not have any experience or knowledge on which size fits the Augury case.

Yes, PWM = 4pin but it comes with a nice little 4-pin to 2-wire adapter as seen here. Could be the perfect companion for my SimuCUBE :smiley:

Guess who stripped the wires before thinking and looking what was available :joy:

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I use these 5v Noctua fans, they are relatively quiet and works well for this application:

Noctua NF-A4x10-5V 40mm Fan -

They mount directly to the Simucube pcb, nice and simple. Or, you can find a nice 80mm version to mount to the case, like a Mika has done.


Note the “**The external fan negative pin is connected to ground with a NMOS FET to enable PWM fan speed control”

Are there future plans to implement PWM fan speed control in the SimuCUBE configuration tool?

Currently there are no plans to do that, as there would have to be control for resellers on what values users could safely set to that.

Hi guys

It’s also possible to use jumper wires and leave the fan connector intact. Such as these:

Male-female wires would work for pin headers, and for the green connector (X7) male-male would be suitable.

Just need to be carefut to stick the wires to correct places.

Kind regards,

Good point there @Esa. I did try jumper wires, but those that I had lying around were not sticking in the connector of the fan so tightly that I would have trusted to leave it like that inside the enclosure.

I really need fan control cause even a Noctua fan can be loud on maximum rpm :frowning:

Not if you use a 12 V fan and run it on 5 V.

Yes that might be a better option for me if PWM fan control isn’t going to be implemented anytime soon.

I used a Noctura in my first case build for the SimuCUBE, In my SimuCOMPUTER where I have the SimuCUBE board installed now I have the normal computer case fans as well as a noctura PC Cooler that the fan directs air in the direction of all the others and over the IONI Board.

In practice I have found that the SimuCUBE actually requires very little active cooling even with the Large Mige at 25A. I have the cooling there but I have run without it during testing at times and had no issues… so a smaller or quieter (lower RPM) fan may be perfectly fine.

I installed the 12 volt version of Noctua A6x25 PWM. 60mm is the biggest I can fit in the Augury case.

Fits just above the SimuCUBE power connector:

Made a little connector for a fan:

Also a neat fit from the outside:

The stock Augury fan vs Noctua A6x25

Only ‘problem’ is that it barely runs 1000 rpm cause it’s a 12v fan on 5v, so it doesn’t produce anything more than a light breeze.

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Light breeze on the IONI is enough.

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I was going to say the same as Mika as I think the IONI really only will have issue with heat if there is static air around it.

Anyway Noctura does make a 5V version of that fan which of course would turn faster and be louder, they also have a 40mm as well. but it looks like the 60 fits well on the vents.

I just did the same upgrade as dave did, today myself. My original sunon fan already started rattling when i turned off my simucube, so it was time to upgrade: