SimuCUBE Firmware Open Beta: What to do next?


Next release and its features are already set in stone - bug fixing, changing force scaling from input scaling to scaling via maximum current on the drive, and also profiles .ini file save/load. These might have bugs,and they will of course be fixed without much delay.

However, there are big tasks ahead, that might take a month or more, depending on things. Can’t really put estimate on these big tasks. So, please vote via poll.

  • Game/effects support (at least AC, pCars 1, AMS)
  • USB HID game crash issues fixing
  • Other (please reply what)

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I’d love to have new Game Effects but, HID crashing issues should be solved first IMO.


Poll is surprisingly tight.

If the crashing is a big problem for people I dont mind prioritising that first.

it’s amazing to me how many people asks for new features first instead of fixing a serious game breaking crash problems

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Is it not a little unfair to criticise people just because they have voted, in a poll created by Mika, contrary to your opinion?

There may be good reasons why 45% take a different view to you. For my part, I have been involved with the Beta for a couple of months now. To date SimuCUBE has been developed with iRacing taking priority, so it is not unreasonable for those who do not have iRacing to want SimuCUBE to start supporting other sims. Unless the intention is that OSW and SimuCUBE should be exclusively for iRacing.


Those that want to help with crashes, there are instructions in the bug thread.

The wheel already works with almost all other race sims also AC.
They might have not integrated all the ffb effects for the wheel yet.
But for me AC doesn’t feel like it is missing any of the effects compared to my other wheels.

Don’t make it sound like this wheel system is made for just iracing :wink: Because that is just not true.
I am not criticizing people i am just telling my opinion on what i think should be fixed first.
And it doesn’t seem more then common logic to me to fix serious issues first if possible of course.

And hey its a forum to discuss stuff nothing to be offended about :wink:

It’s pretty easy actually: if you have experienced a crash, then you would likely have that fixed.
If you haven’t, why should you vote for it?

Apart from that, there is an overlap between the two options, because in some cases fixing the crash could be a requirement for the (proper) game support.

In the end, both should be fixed next and so far all voters agree on that. :wink:
(Even though the game support option is obviously expandable, so possibly never completely finished.)

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I’m with @SKeijmel on this one, appreciating that it is a vote. I don’t experience the crash, but happy for effort to be spent on this first for the benefit of those that do, so we can all be excited and enthused about what comes next together

Me too happy with pretty much all my games on new firmware get the odd crash but feel that effort should be towards iRacing issues for people who have many crashes
RF2 my league sim i have had no issues with maybe 1 exit from game but have had before with no OSW :slight_smile:
Very happy with your progress so far stunning job :slight_smile:

It’s not always clear what the cause of CTD’s are - even with logs, it’s not always definitive. Although AC / AMS / rF2 are working fine for me, there are other titles that I’ve abandoned due to controller-related issues with unknown causes. It may be a game-side issue or not but, it’d be better to reduce the likelihood of it being SimuCube related (imo). :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a valid reason to extend the range of inputs (additional games with large user bases), it will bring in significantly more data. “fixing” a problem for iR that only partially addresses a root cause and needs to be re-diagnosed later isn’t necessarily the best approach for a beta.

Having said that, it’s up to the dev to make that final decision as they know best how deep into the code they’ll have to delve to address the issue, and if it’s truly a blocker to further development I’d be confident they’ll make that choice.

Remember, in my humble opinion, the process here is not necessarily to make users happy but rather further the development process. No fun if it breaks a game but this is an opt-in test.

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I’ve now closed the poll.

Its a good point, that there are overlaps in the game support vs. usb issues. Based on this poll, I’ll be taking a look at things firstly from the side of the USB communications.


I would like to see some filtering/options on the analog inputs.
For now they record quite a lot of noise.

A slider for the wheel rotation would also be welcome.
Saves going back to keyboard.

The analog inputs are already averaged for the last 16 samples. I will improve that sometime…

Great to hear. Thanks in advance

Actually, they were averaged over 32 samples.

For next build, I implemented “take out 4 highest and 4 lowest and average the remaining samples” strategy. Should be better.

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The new filtering works much better.
Pedals are now much more steady and still very accurate.
Thanks a lot, saved me a extra bodnar board for the pedals.

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I have Bodnar board - does it worth switching to Simucube inputs? Any idea of adc quality and filtering difference between 2? Btw, I believe that it’s better to implement some low pass filter instead of averaging - it will be less lag and less noise.