SimuCUBE firmware 0.7 vs. 0.8

Force scaling was changed. Please vote and give feedback especially on the effects and end results of this change.

  • 0.7 was better
  • 0.8 is better
  • Both types of force scaling are needed

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its on the strong side now, had so scale back in iracing a lot to get similar forces.

I think the filters are amplified with 0.8.1.

Mine feels weaker with 0.82



I agree 082 is weaker overall. But it has more feedback you feel more detail. But its a tiny bit weaker indeed i noticed that too.

Must be the difference in technique.
The question i have are they both as linear?

I prefer 082 dough more ffb detail.

But it might be good to keep both ffb methods as an option in the tool

I always kept the force at 100% and MMC at 12.5 then full signal, I do not understand what should change now by setting 12.5 directly from the firmware.

strange guys. I am sure my lenze is stronger. I had to dial back my formula renault in iracing almost 10nm (from 50 to 60 via the nm adjuster ingame]. even then its still crazy.

another thing, oscillation is worse. the peaking filter at 8hz, -5.5db, Q 0.1 as suggested by brion was very effective, now it does almost nothing.

my big mige is stronger, I had to reduce FFB in the game (so far only AC tested). Cannot say if more detailed, but in every case not worse as before. No oscillation, even no gyro enabled (AC). No peaking filter, only damping(4%), torque bandwidth 1000MHz, reconstruction filter 2.

Mine also feels weaker with 0.82 but with more FFB detail with a more loose center feel, I prefer the greater detail but most can always turn up the amps to compensate.

Only use iRacing

In AC I have no Oscillations, only iRacing and Pcars2.

First impressions low end ffb Seems weaker but high end feels stronger. Tonight I’m going to do back to back comparison with .71 and .81 with the f2004.

Hi guys. iRacing, Small mige, simcube, testing done with 0.7 and 0.8 using V8 supercar and HPD.

0.7 was a little disconnected between the sounds I was hearing and what I was feeling. Instant improvement over MMoS in general wheel feel and curb strikes etc. Just didn’t have a handle on the traction loss at either end.

0.8 was a much better experience for me. I was able to drive without thinking about the osw or FFB. It feels natural and life like. I run 47MN in iRacing and 6Amps, due to being a wuss :smile: and I had slight drop in the strength.

For what it’s worth and if it helps etc etc. Keep up the great work though. … Now is there a ‘doff’s his hat’ emoticon around here…

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I have been doing some testing with 0.8.2 today and have to research out a couple of things (discuss with Mika) … But what I have found so far is that there is more Center range detail coming through… which is allowing me to drop both my inertia and Dampening setting slightly while retaining the natural feeling I am looking for… This of course reduces the filter weight on the wheel making it feel lighter. BTW running Large Mige 25A 100%.

Now that being said I have noticed an interesting thing in that the different Reconstruction fillers are even FURTHER different from each other… What used to be a difference between 5 and 7 of only the feel of more Inertia has now turned into even MORE Inertia and More Dampening as well with a deadness in the center due to a high speed transition of force over center… And then with Recon #1 it used to be a feel of just more information coming through but now it is rougher along with a greater heaviness in the wheel when turning. So I think there was additional processing that was unintended after the Reconstruction filter that was smoothing the signal…

BTW I am still mainly using Recon filter 5

Where can we get the 0.8.2 fw?

The normal SimuCUBE firmware download page which is linked in the SimuCUBE firmware guide

Hey Georgie,
Here you go:


I was looking here in the forum, thanks a lot Beano.

Cheers bud :wink:

Mika usually post the updates here: SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Public Beta release thread

For me v0.8 is much much better! The wheel feels much more alive, specially in the center. I feel I could get just a tiny bit of damping to put some weight when on straights or not taking a proper turn, but I can feel again all the weaker forces aroung the center of the wheel and thats the most important change! Overall, the wheel feels just a tiny bit lighter than before, using the same configuration.

I went back to 7.1.
Strange thing with 8.2 is, in my case the wheel got so numb and weak arround the center, even when I increased the force by 40-60Nm in iRacing to get similar strength, I could not feel any road texture or any of the rumble strips.

If you raise the force the wheel will weaken is my understanding.