SimuCUBE firmware 0.11 series bug reports


The solution to the freezes is coming in the pipeline; it requires a bit of refactoring to separate the HID report reading to another thread.

I did up the update rate from 25 Hz to 50 Hz for this build, but perhaps we will have to live with 25 Hz due to Qt being just too slow.


We should expect b version with only this change today?


I’m also implementing some other changes, and I will have to see what to release next.

There seems to be a title that struggles to work correctly when Simucube is not sending directinput reports at all (user does not do anything). So I will have to implement a minimum rate - in fact it has already been done and testing it myself later today.


I have sent a potential fix to @SKeijmel and @morpwr - if anyone else wants to try it, please PM.


I’m happy to report that initial experiments with butter smooth wheel rotation animation is currently working, but it won’t be in 0.11.2 yet.


No more issues on my end.:smiley: Great job like always!!!


If I power up my wheel with it left of centre, it reports as being close to 360 and requires (close to) a full turn to get back to centre.

If it is powered up right of centre it centres normally.

I thought I read about this previously but I can’t find it now. I am running 11.2 firmware and Biss C encoder.

Thanks Ben


Please provide a debug event log of each startups; wheel correct and wheel 360 degrees turned. Also, have you re-done the Motor Configuration Wizard after you have updated to latest firmware - there were some fixes made.


I reloaded the drc file and reran the configuration in Simucube. I have not messed with Ioni/Granity. I am pretty sure this issue has occurred in the past month or two but not sure what triggered it.

Wheel left of centre, 360 degrees off:

Wheel right of centre, ok:

regards Ben


Thanks, there seems to be some type of logic error then. I will fix it for next release.


Hello. After updating the firmware from 0.9.8 to the latest I drove again without any problems. The next day, when I restarted my PC, I lost the pedals. Pressing them they were not recognized in their specific axes. I then assigned them to the ones where they were recognized. I restarted Simucube and the axes became the correct ones. Unfortunately the brake and clutch work practically on/off while the accelerator does not have a progressive trend. Impossible to drive. I also restarted my PC without success. What can I do? If I go back to the old firmware where they worked well will I solve the problem?



There is indeed an issue reported about this before, too. It has something to do with converting the parameters from earlier than 0.11 series firmware to 0.11 settings format. I was not able to repeat the issue when it was reported, so it got placed on backlog with much more important things to focus on.

Also, there might be an issue causing the on/off behavior if you import an old analog config settings file to 0.11. The cause is, by request, the settings parameters for analog axises were changed from

being raw axis limits (i.e. 200 and 63000 setting a range for the axis which will then be scaled to 0 - 65535)


being deadzones (i.e you must input 200 and 2535 to get the same axis range).

Redoing the axis settings by using this will fix your issue.

The analog axis settings will get more attention at some point.

Please take note, that the settings format in 0.11 firmware is all-new, and downgrading to earlier firmware will wipe all your settings and profiles.


Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
I didn’t import a file setting because there wasn’t. Then I started from 0.
If I understand I have to input min 200 and max 2535 for each one. It’s correct? I had input different values trying to have the maximun range from the minimun, the values that I can see without press the pedal, to the max pressing it 100%. Effectively i saw the value of 65535 but was not possible to use it. I’ll test this evening at home hoping this will solve the issue.


I entered the values with this result:

As you can see I haven’t 0% without pressing

Pressing all the pedals:

For the moment this is the best result to play:

I’ve tested with Assetto Corsa and I have to move the in game breake dead zone to 30%. Impossible to calibrate it also entering 0 in the Low dead zone. After a while testing in game something has happened and no way to detect the brake. I had to move then the brake to the Z axis. After that it works.
The strange thing is that with rF2 and Dirt Rally I didn’t need to change the brake dead zone in game.

I decided to take out the original main board (a Bodnard one) of my Frex V2 pedals to avoid one usb connection to the pc. Without a solution the only way will be do a step back. It’s a pity considering that with the old firmware was perfect.
Thank you


The functionality is exactly the same as before, you will just have to input correct values. You must increase the brake deadzone so that the calibrated value and the bar shows that the pedal is not pressed.



If I input 19500 the bar shows 0 but using it is too short and becames as on/off. Also increasing the high dead zone until is possible because if is too much I don’t see any more the pedal travel.
To be more precise I have hydraulic Frex V2 pedals and the brake uses a pressure sensor and not a potentiometer. I don’t know if this can be the cause of the problem.


From about December last year, while operating pedals or steering wheel connected to SimuCUBE, buttons using Teensy LC (SRM Fanatec conversion kit) become often ineffective or delayed now. I tried to suspect motor noise, fluorescent light noise, etc. but there seems to be other cause. I do not know if it is a problem with Windows or hardware.