SimuCUBE firmware 0.11 series bug reports

Should be posted here.

Please include debug event logs if you can.

one thing i noticed was CPU usage. when the UI is open, it pretty much eats a whole core, all by itself.

I have the same.

Didn’t think of it while testing the pre release. Maybe because it was only one thread.

Maybe I will lower the update rate back to how it was for next release.

I just wanted to chime in and verify.
For me it’s not a problem, I have enough threads anyway.

Maybe make a “half rate” checkbox? Or make it update less often if window is not focused?

same problem for me

No problem here at all, Simucube software is taking 8% of my CPU but only when is open. When I choose a profile e.g. Assetto Corsa, I always closing Simucube software before I start to play, this is important, the wheel is still working properly. After that the CPU usage drop to 0%. Mika, I think good idea is to have a few possibilities e.g 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz etc. like in Pro soft. Maybe let people to choose what they like?


I have dropped it to how it used to be (50 Hz).

Mika one q, do we have to keep running Simucube software when playing games? I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong? I never playing with Simucube software running in background.

No, you don’t have to have it running while playing.

I don’t get it. So what is the problem guys? Just close Simucube software before you start to play and don’t worry about the CPU usage.

well, problem might arise when you want to try out different settings when playing, which you can definitively do with SimuCUBE. But the issue has been fixed now, and acknowledged that maybe some better reading of the directinput updates could be implemented. There was a GPL licensed project at Github, which fired Qt events when inputs changed, but it was also based in 1ms polling, so no good…

Ah… thx mate, all clear now.

Hi i have just done the update of simucube i was on 0.10.3b now 0.11b and my max motor current has gone from 12.86 A to only 12 A small MiGE?

Suddenly the pedal connected to the X 11 Upper port no longer recognizes.
I’d like to try reverting to an older version, but I do not know how to do it.

Once I have pressed the Configure Anolog Inputs button to open the dialog, press the Reset button of each Input, press the OK button and close the dialog, the pedals were recognized.

That’s strange?
I didn’t think the updates were much more than usability enhancements that should not have changed your Granity settings?
@Mika - can you comment?

Hi, my simucube with small mige works Perfect untill v0.11b… now i have blue screen and sometimes connection problems after restart : OPERATION MODE: DISCONNECTED aby suggestion how to dowbgrade to v0.10?

First time I have heard a SimuCUBE causing a blue screen, and even more interesting as there were not any USB changes in 0.11 version. KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE does not seem to me something that a USB device can cause.

0.11.x line is only supported version, but if you want to downgrade, then manually update from 0.11 via the Update Firmware button, then quit when it says “Found SimuCUBE in firmware upgrade mode”.

Then launch the 0.10 version, it will ask to update firmware.

Note, that you will loose all your settings and profiles while doing this downgrading.

Granity settings should not have been changed. I wonder why something like that has happened.