Simucube effect scales

Simucube 2 has implemented more usable sliders and scaling for the damping, friction and inertia effects. Should these improvements be brought in Simucube 1 in the future?

Note, that old Simucube 1 settings screenshots on various forums will then have wrong scaling for the effects.

  • Keep Simucube 1 scaling as is
  • Unify Simucube 1 scaling with Simucube 2

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No reason to keep this fragmented. The old guard will complain for 2 weeks and move on. Just make sure the update transfers the settings over to the new style.

Perfect example of people trying to figure out how to convert between the two platforms: Assetto Corsa and Simucube 2

As a thought Mika is it possible to have two screens one with existing and one with SC2 format. If not I say go with SC 2 format

As long as there is an extrapolation table for the different settings I have no issue.

the conversion factor is 10. Looks like people want the sliders to be the same as in Simucube 2. I will add a tooltip to Simucube 1 software to denote that scaling has changed.

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Ok for me too same sliders for SimuCube 1 and 2…

hmmm gonna be tough but I think I can handle doing calculations with 10 ?? Lol

If you can, why don’t you implement it as a Hardware set-up checkbox and then really just have it change if the user wants it… i.e a Checkbox that says “use SimuCUBE 2 filter scaling”… This way it won’t mess with people who have double decimal settings (not sure how many have gone that fine) but they can keep the SC1 Text Box entry and won’t have to rely only on the slider.

It will be simpler for future coding exercises to have the same format for both SC1 and SC2, I would think…and the adjustment would not take much, people will be used to it very quickly…

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I would tend to agree with this statement.