Simucube 2 User Manuals

I’ve been browsing the site and the FAQ section advises that the User Manuals can be downloaded from the support section.

Apologies if I’m missing something but I can’t seem to find my way to that section so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

They are a work in progress and will be available when the units are going to ship to end users.

Thank you for the patience!

Understood. No problem, Mika.

Thank you for the reply.

Mika, I’m sure you are super busy at the moment but do you think you might be able to have the quick start guide online before we receive our units?

I noticed the guide pictured in the Twitter feed and I’m eager to start my homework early :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand that setting up a Simucube 1 wheel in iracing requires some editing in the app.ini and some other things-to-know.

Is this also the case for the SC2 and will these steps be explained in the user manual?

We expect the game manuals to come later. The first version of the user manual includes things that directly concerns simucube itself.

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Hello, I just received my Simucube 2 pro, but still can’t find an user manual anywhere, that’s my first DD Wheel and i don’t want to mess up.

Its coming this week.


Ok Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m new to all this , qwick start guide dosnt say. … Do you down load true drive with the dd power on or off .

Simucube 2 must be powered on and the torque off button enabled (pulled up).

User guide is going to be released as soon as I get some missing images.

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Great … Thankyou …

What does the ultra low latency mode slider do ? I mean what is the difference between 1% and 20% that isn’t really self explanatory :slight_smile:
Slew rate limit, is that something one can tinker with to avoid the “hammer blow” feel of some forces? the ones with a very quick ramp up time in force.

Simucube 2 User Guide first release has been done.


Your timing is perfect, I received my Pro today :grinning:

Ok, really dumb question but I have to ask…

Do I first power up the Simucube and then install True Drive or the other way around?

True Drive doesn’t do anything until it finds a Simucube 2 device, so you can do it either way.

Thanks for such a fast reply, Mika :grinning:

Thanks @Mika ! Good work !

i was looking for that, thank you.

Damping and Friction feels vice versa to me.