Simucube 2 User Manuals


@Nicsos: Damping, Friction and Inertia works exactly as is described in the manual. It works the same on both the older Simucube and Simucube 2.

I have tested these since beta on both hardware platforms, their basic operation principle has not changed.



not for me, i just tried it out again to avoid mistakes and i confirm, for me damping works as a constant force, while Friction does reduce the force while i turn the wheel faster. So Damping works like Friction is described into the manual and vice versa!


I will have a look if there is an issue with the sliders.


About the low latency slider, I am a total new to DD, but any reason you wouldn’t want the wheel as fast as possible, eg have the slider to max?


Low latency mode is an early attempt to make the FFB feedback loop more stable. Seems to work well in iRacing, but high values seem to go over the critical point in rFactor2 and other sims, making the wheel seriously noisy.

We will add game specific recommendations on some of the settings to the user guide.


Ok, I will play around with it a bit more in Raceroom then, currently use it there at max and it seems fine to me.