Simucube 2 ultimate

hello, I’m new here and I’m thinking of buying simucube 2 ultimate and from what I’ve seen there is no discussion/topic about this base or I’m not finding it, has anyone compared VRS with SC2 ultimate?

Unless im missing something the VRS is 20nm so comparing it to the Ultimate is pointless.

Yes but I don’t see it around when I buy an ultimate doesn’t mean I’m going to use the 32NM, but in terms of smoothing configuration etc, and is the extra money worth it between SC2 Pro vs Ultimate?

In my opinion, the SC2 Pro is more than sufficient. :slight_smile:


My opinion is: since you will spend, buy the best.
I have Ultimate.


Same here. Didnt want to wonder so had a 30nm Simucube 1 and went to the Ultimate when it came out. No regrets here. I wish i had learned to buy the best first. I could have saved myself a lot of money not buying things multiple times.


I have a VRS and it is still a very good base this in iracing but as I run in other simulators I still couldn’t find a good point in FFB it always seems rougher and I like a softer felling and a little more feeling of rubber no so much but a little

that is, I run in iracing more competitively but I like to run in other simulators and I wanted something balanced and VRS from what I feel is more focused on iracing, in iracing I can’t find any defects very good and I can get where I want in the settings but in other simulators I can’t get anything I like

My friend tried vrs and sc2pro, he told that VRS is not even close to sc2pro. I has sc2pro and it is great, but also i like my VRS pedals more than HE ultimate!


i have a pro and use it at max 50%, what’s the difference with the ultimate?z

Many of us dont set it up that way. 100 on base turn it down in game. It would be almost impossible to clip unless you have something set really wrong.That way the wheel still has all the range and many of us have tried it on different DD bases turning it down on the wheel. We all felt 100 on the wheel was better. Not huge but there. Running 100 on the base you need to be aware it can hurt you bad if it goes full force and you arent prepared for it. Most sims have fixed the issue when you crash but im sure there are probably some left that could get you.


As @Mika explained, clipping is in-game related. It has nothing to do with the amount of torque one is using. A Simucube can clipping at any amount of torque, whether it is 1 or 100 percent one uses. It fully depends on the settings made in the game
@Mika Mika, post:6, topic:9346
The worst option (unsafe!) is to set 100% from True Drive and then fine-tune from in-game

Thats yours and Mikas opinion many of us still run 100 on the wheel. What is the point of having 30nm if you limit it to 20nm you can still only use 20. If the game outputs 20nm and you only use 20nm on the wheel it will still clip. Youll feel nothing but weight in the wheel because there is no extra room for anything else. Thats the whole point to the bigger bases more headroom for forces.

And i pointed that out. But even turning down the base its still strong enough to hurt you. Id have to guess he says that to protect themselves from lawsuits. If he tells someone to set it at 100 and they break a finger you know where thats going.


I just wanted to make clear that the amount of torque used in True Drive doesn’t create “headroom” nor will it prevent clipping in any way. I had the same way of thinking that you have about this subject (aswell as many others), but had to learn what facts are proofing.
If you go through the official documentation, tutorials and postings from Granite team here, this community this is what Granite proposes: always adjust in-game settings first, then fine tune them in True Drive.

By using higher max force settings in TD you can lower base signal level in game to have more headroom to avoid clipping while still having strong FFB.


Hi guys, I found a retailer that is giving a 9% discount on the Simucube Ultimate 2 but it only has a 2-year warranty since the brand gives 5 years and it is reliable to make this purchase with a 2-year warranty

Hell yes. Ive had mine since they released it and zero issues.You wont be disappointed and wonder if youre missing something in the ffb. Youll never regret going with a 30nm wheel base.


hello guys, finally my ultimate at home after these days of festivities took a long time, I’ve already tested some configurations that quickly from some users but they all seem a little rough to me and I like a softer feeling and something rubbery not so much, some tips for me can you give?

Ultimate, Pro, Sport…turn down torque if it’s too rough. And watch these videos, they give you a very good guideline of what to do and how to do:

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I installed the latest firmware and from what I’ve read here on the forum it’s not the most stable, they say 2021.9 is stable, can I downgrade without problems?