Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

I’ve just downloaded 2021.9 and get multiple .DLL errors when running the paddock version - I can see the supposed missing DLL files in the directory. Classic boots up fine. Downloaded the file from troubleshooting.txt and still the same. Any ideas?

Ignore me, redownloaded it and all good.


I’m about to upgrade from 2021.4_3. How does everyone like the latest version?

Have the SimBin DirectFilter issues been fixed or improved?

2021.9 is pretty good, at least Classic version, no issues.

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Ya, it does seem to be. Just played GTR2 for a bit so far…just tested DirectInput Effects, still buggy :frowning:

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We’ve seen some reports about torque being grainy or not as smooth as it used to be in some earlier releases. We can’t repeat the issue at the moment, there must be some particular conditions that trigger it.

Can someone post settings or a Paddock Profile where this behavior repeats at?

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I noticed this yesterday, The wheel feels a little ‘gear-like’ when turning against a constant pressure. Not horrible but was strange since the SC2 has been pretty darn smooth - very possible it was always like this and I just didn’t notice it. Only feels that way with force - using the same settings at idle and I can turn the wheel without resistance and it feels smooth as a simucube.
(SC2 Pro v2) (you can check the Jack Wreckfest profile on Paddock)

It feels the same over here. When damping and friction is low, it feels smooth. But set dampening to 15% and friction to 10-15% and I can feel the “gears”.

We need exact settings in order to repeat the behavior. Can you share your profile in Paddock or post the screenshot here?

Not at home right now, but I’ve published it as “Lambo GT3” and it’s for iRacing.

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so today I noticed for the 1st time after 2+ years that my sc2 sport is quite noisy when powered off, just by turning the shaft. video here
is it normal?

Mine makes zero noise when off.


That doesn’t sound right to me mate. Mine is still completely smooth and silent when powered off.

It might be worth taking the base side QR off and checking that everything is good with the cone clamp


Definitely not normal, unless something obstructs movement, it’s RMA time. May be hub is too close to motor.

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In the latest version of True Drive, I’m not able to export my profiles to my local drive. How can I save my profiles offline?

I should try with the shaft alone, without anything mounted to it, hopefully it is something like the clamp or the extension that causes the noise, otherwise I guess it is late to ask for an rma given that the warranty expired last august… anyway it is strange that I don’t feel anything when actually driving, no notches or unwanted noise… @Mika did you see the video? any suggestions?

In the Paddock, profiles are safely stored in the cloud. However, the offline mode automatically caches any profiles you have used. They can be accessed via the offline mode.

I think there is something mechanical going on, and I do not know what it could be. Please make a support ticket.

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Before opening support ticket, try clean oil and retighten hub, also make sure to leave some clearance between the hub and front of the motor or it will be rubbing against it, may be this is what is happening now.

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Thanks Mika. When I reinstall the software, how can I secure my profiles offline? The ini file I created in a previous version of True Drive stopped updating my latest settings. That is why I was hoping to export my latest settings to a new ini file.