Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

User guide is updated too! :love_you_gesture:

Release can be found here

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There seems to be graphical glitch in new UI, perhaps related to DPI changes, white outlines around UI elements after you hover mouse over, as if they accept focus

Yep, it is a known issue, a rounding issue quite deep in the Qt UI libraries. There was discussion about it a month ago in Qt issue tracker. We are following the situation and will upgrade Qt if/when it is resolved.

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And it doesn’t happen in small mode. Looks much better in small mode too, like before, may be worth considering making it a default.

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from the guide :

today in the room where I play it was 36°C, with a peak humidity of around 62%…maybe it’s better not turning on Sc2 those days…(I live in northern Italy)

Did you see condensed humidity in your room? Is your SC2 wet?
About room temp, im at the same levels but SC2 cant burn my hand

Just at holidays so I will be abusing it for one month

The temperature limit is due to CE requirements where the touchable temperature should not exceed 70°C.

But, the device itself will not be damaged if used in slightly hotter conditions.


don’t see any condense in the room, but these days we are experiencing a level of humidity never seen before, today is around 80%…

You can get rid of the ui corruption issue by setting the High DPI scaling override to System in the exe properties.

Problem with the small mode for me and maybe others with 4k screens is that the button text goes really small:

Yes, the end goal is to have correct scaling by default without having huge window on High-DPI displays, but seems that underlying Qt issue is the cause of some visual artifacts.

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I am on 4K myself, no issues in small but I use Win10 native scaling, and not just because of TD.
Works perfect. New default (large) looks weird though.

Haven’t encounter anything else.
Bumpstop range, this is where bumpstop effect begins, correct? So it should be a tad under DOR?

bumpstop range is, at the moment, exactly where the bumpstop reaches 100% strength.

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I find the hard bumpstop can violently bounce back so use medium. DOR is 900 and bumpstop range 920. This starts the bumpsop effect at ~443 deg past centre and is pretty strong by 450 deg but doesn’t hit max till 460 deg. Seems the best compromise to me for a slightly softer bumpstop but without limiting the range of freedom too much.

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I found that is impossible to calibrate the full axis with the soft bumpstop setting, it won’t be possible to turn left and right all the way untill the end and having it to be registered correctly. especially when dealing with narrow dor like 360°.
apart from this,are the TD default profiles ever gonna be reviewed and updated? they never changed since release.

For medium bumpstop hardness seems like I need 32 extra degrees to be able to hit full DOR.

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Calibrate with the e-stop pressed


I’ve got this strange thing happening on every start of td,the save settings button flashes even if i don’t change anything. does that happens to someone else too? wasn’t happening before with 2020.4

  • have there been and are there going to be any updates on the FFB itself? I see work has been done on improving the UI, fixing glitches, etc. but what about FFB itself?

  • what about the last couple firmware updates? Any FFB updates included in recent FW updates? (no details are given regarding the FFB updates)

  • any new options / effects / filters in the pipeline?

  • any info on wether there’s been looking into possible game-telemetry based filters/effects (such as an ability to adjust specifically the SAT behavior, road noise/effects, slip effects, engine revs, etc. - all of course being based off actual game telemetry/physics)?

  • any idea when the “non-linear force saturation” effect/filter will be given to us? It was mentioned on the Simucube 2 advertising pages. I’m desperately waiting for a FFB linearity/sensitivity option (in both directions, positive and negative curve)…The filter doesn’t have to be super detailed, I’d be happy even if it was basic and only offered linearity for all/overall forces along with a pre-determined & non-adjustable curve-shape (that curve being adjustable from something like -100 to 100 with 0 being default linearity)…

  • We are working on a few UI improvements still, but haven’t forgotten FFB.

  • No FFB changes recently. If there were, we would have written to the changelog.

  • Some new filters are in pipeline, but very limited number in order to not get the device impossibily difficult to use/tune.

  • Game telemetry based effects: On idea stage.

  • Non-linear FFB (gamma filter) is in Simucube 2 Ultimate.

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hi all, so I added the “tray” command to the TD shortcut, it works as intended but most of the times if I launch TD from the tray it hangs, and I am left with Task Manager to close it.
am I doing something wrong maybe?