Simucube 2 SQR Extension

I’m guessing your reply was probably directed at me?

Phillip, it isn’t the case that I have distrust in your advice, more that I don’t want to risk breaking any of my equipment and would rather seek out opinions before making a decision :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyhow, I do appreciate your input and thank you for taking the time to help and advise.

My point is you’re seeking opinions, I give you feedback from practical experience as a DD wheel user for the past 5 years. Not sure why it doesn’t qualify.

Anyway, I have advised, it us up to you guys to do what you feel is best. I am out of this one regarding the bolts/threads/Loctite.


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Of course it qualifies. If you see my pictures above, I have followed your advice and thanked you for it :slightly_smiling_face:

We are studying the problems of installing 70 mm bolt pattern wheels. For updates, check out the new blog post:

BR Tero


When you say Sim Steering wheel I assume you mean a Precision Sim Engineering wheel? If so Simon from PSE has been aware of this issue since the SC2 was announced and has a new spacer in development.

If you’re intent on using the SC2 QR (and not a Q1R or HRS) then I’d suggest dropping Simon an email, contact details on PSE’s site.

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Extended my Mige because I wanted my triple screens at 52cm. Needed the extra space above the shaft because I build an DIY sfx-100 Motion Rig. Just bought a second steering wheel adapter and a 20cm long 22mm shaft.


Will do! Thank you.

Btw. The wheels are from Simon (PSE) but Leo Bodnar sells them under the SimSteering name.

Yeah I thought so, I have a couple of Simon’s wheels too, stunning bits of kit :smiley:

Hi guys!!
This is my problem, too wide the QR and is impossible screw on the steering wheel. I look for shorter screws? I cut the ones that I currently have?

Regards @Mika

Just cut the screws, or get correct length ones from hardware store. If you cut them, put a nut on first so it clears/straightens the thread after cutting when you remove the nut.

Use a fine file first after the cut, making things nice and smooth.


Hi guys. Will the 30mm spacer be sold separately at some point?

As far as I know, it is included in the wheel-side SQR kit.

I am sorry MIka.
I have asked for it a few times, but unfortunately it is not included. No mounting screws, and no spacer included.

@Mika I second that. no bolts, no spacer. the wheel-side QR is useless at the moment.

Rear mounting can be easily solved by using an extender.
I converted my old Thrustmaster rim with a SRC adapter, mounted it to an extender and then with the 70-50 adapter plate to the SQR.

Ideally the SC2 SQR should have a flange with a double hole pattern (2x 6 holes (6 threaded, and with an off set 6 unthreaded (for rearmounting). Can be solved with an extra adapter plate as well of course.

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Hi everybody, iam looking for a extension to set my samsung 49er between the base and the wheel. if possible i like to set the extension between the base and Wheelside QR. Any recommended solutions?

Cheers Max

I bought these and they will arrive in a few days

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Received the SC2 QR rev 1 adapter + revised plate. Works like charm, very easy backmounting :slight_smile:
I went the cheap route here: Thrustmaster Sparco 383 + Simracing Coach USB adapter + SC2 QR rev1


back on this thread to ask something, is there a perceivable loss of ffb fidelity installing an extension around 100mm long?

I would say no. 100mm ok.

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