Simucube 2 SQR Extension


Hi, will there be a way to extend the new SQR, or should i extend every single steering wheel?


Consult our resellers for extension options. One way this could be accomplished, is to remove SQR front plate (wedge) and add a shaft with correct flange and holes to reattach the part. Another way is to remove the SQR completely and mount just the wedge part to suitable part on the end of the extension that would be attached to the motor end via similar means as any extensions.

The servo motor bearings in these industrial servo motors are not really meant for shaft extensions without a separate load carrying bearing, so only short extensions are recommended.


What is the mounting pattern that the wedge is connected to the Simucube end of the shaft with? Is it a standard 50mm or 70mm pattern?


Thankfully, these are really inexpensive.


It’s a 50 mm pattern but you will also receive a 70mm adapter plate:


Be careful here, the wedge that bolts onto the wheel-hub May look like 50.8mm, it is not…it is a custom hole-spacing, unequal distance at that…


Wait, what?

Your sentence seems to imply that many of us are going to be majorly disappointed next week when we received our packages.


If you remove the wedge-part from the actual hub on the servo (servo-side wedge, not wheel-side), that is a custom bolt-spacing.

So got guys wanting to add an extension between the servo and the QR, you need to take that into consideration. Adding and extension between the QR and the wheel-rim though, no worries, an adapter is included.

That’s why I was careful in my reply above, stipulating which wedge I was talking about :wink:


Thank you for that additional information Phillip. Very good to know :slightly_smiling_face:


Cheers Bud, you’re welcome :wink:


This is my first DD, so pls sorry for all my questions.

Unfortunately my new rig is not able to manage more distance between the screens and wheel base.

I think it’s needed a spacer around 150mm, because otherwise the screens are to near for my eyes. Do you think 150mm is too much for the servo motor?

Also other solutions or ideas are welcome :wink:


Most people like to have screens as close as possible, and the popular use of extension is to allow mounting the displays between the wheelbase and the rim. 150mm does not sound too much, although care should be taken for not to use the wheel rim as a handle bar when getting in/out of the rig.