Simucube 2 Sport vs Pro FFB Quality


I will purchase a Simucube 2 Sport in the near future. Is the Sport version regarding the FFb quality as awesome as the Pro version, even tough they are differences regarding the power of torque?

They are very similar in feel, the Sport might require a slight bit more Friction due to lower inertia, to feel exactly the same as the Pro.

Other than torque-headroom, you might not be inclined to notice significant differences in ffb feel…



Thank you for your insight!

All good Josef, good luck with your decision :wink:

But if you say so, why should anybody buy a Pro Version?

For those that needs/wants the extra torque-overhead. For some it is beneficial. Plus, there is only a marginal difference in price.

They are a bunch of Simucube 2 profiles for the Pro version in the community threads, and I want to achieve the same result of those profiles with the Sport. Do I need to increase the Friction or Inertia setting in the Simucube 2 settings to get the same result as the Pro?

Hey Josef,

When you are at that level of fine tuning adjustments the most important adjustment you can do, I have found is to run the base at as high NM as possible. This improves low forces, that are otherwise too weak at lower NM settings.

This is the 2nd case for going for higher models too.
They benefit from:

  • The headroom, mostly helpful for bumps and effects on cornering.
  • The higher power to benefit precision and speed of lower forces.
  • Ultimate: Not fakely crippled Truedrive software.

Unf. I am now regretting not having gone DD2, I have to say, for 3 reasons:

  1. The artificial crippling of sport and pro software. The most important being the gamma, that could help exactly the low force issue, but just the business idea in itself is really throwing me off. What other great filter or tuning might I randomly not get in the future??
  2. The sc2’s software not allowing to run at full force and provide input scale and limit sliders.
  3. No on-base direct adjustments possible.

The DD1/DD2 allow all of the above, and no matter any suggested/supposed/real hardware advantage the SC2’s hold, this advantage I assume only/mostly comes through on running the base at highest NM’s, risking your hands and wrists in various sims(my own hands have bled on numerous occasions and my thumb has been hurting for a month now). And still you can’t gamma adjust on sport&pro, should you want that.

This also prob. means that DD1/DD2 are actually performing same & then better as you lower the NM in Truedrive any meaningful amount of % from 100, which for many users will be ALL THE TIME.
(I wonder if the next lower level fanatec DD base, being it Csw3 or DD0.5, will maintain these advantages too?)

Only if Truedrive:

A) Was un-crippled for sport and pro.
B) Allowed input ffb signal scale and limit.

(Or that my assumptions and conclusions are wrong for other reasons.)

Would I change my stance.

Until then I’m sorry to say I regret not going DD2. If I am not proven wrong or this situation changes, I will put my SC2 pro and wireless cube control wheel up for sale shortly.

This is NOT a bashing of the SC2’s by any means, so please don’t read it like that. I will still enjoy mine for at least a short amount of time more. At constant full NM.

Posting this here so it can add to future decision making for which wheel base to pick. In this forum I find it only fair to have multiple angles represented.

And Josef, despite going off topic, I repeat my suggestion that you go absolutely 100% on NM, when you feel safe doing so, if you want the best from your wheel base, until maybe one day these things are changed.

Fwiw, my personal opinion. I like the feeling of quality, but it’s not enough to know I have great hardware. It needs to come out to play, not being held back by fakely crippled software or missing input signal adjustments.

(@Mika, you might not like this input or you might, but linking you so you are at least aware of one user’s developing perspective on some of these matters, as I did share some of it with you earlier. I appreciate all your effort and commitment, and that has def. been a high point of my ownership to see, so thank you.)



Thanks for you answer, but I already own the Sports version. Since most profiles in this forum are made for the pro version, I wanted to know which effect I need to change slightly on the sports version to get the intended effect of the profile for the pro.

Hey Josef,

Yes, I’m aware, my post deviated from your request only for a general perspective on what prob. makes the biggest difference in quality after most effects are dialed in well.

I hope you got everything dialed in well!


Your points are well noted.

I would not say feature selection between different product models being artifical crippling. All software products have similar features.

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I agree the term cripling can be discussed, but it is software (truedrive/firmware) differentiation that the competition does not do. It is Granite’s weird(to me) choice, as I doubt more than 1 person would pick ultimate over pro because of those slight differences, so just serves as missing features on sport and pro, imho.

As usual thanks for fast/effective reactions! Big time thumbs up.

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Pretty sure if you post For Trade ad on RD you get yourself a deal in a matter of hours if not faster.

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I’m sure. I also paid much more than would have the other way.

1st time ever I read of someone regret getting sc2 instead of podium, while I read hundreds of times the other way around…
(sorry didn’t want to reply directly to you :slight_smile: )

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Hehe, right.

But I needed to get to a certain understanding of the product and what works for me before reaching my current conclusion. I am giving it a month to see what direction things are heading and get some feedback from other dd/sc2 users, specific to my issues.

I would add that:

  • I also have no interest in the simplifying approach that has been hinted at several times.

  • All 3 sc2’s currently perform worse than they could when the force is adjusted lower than 100% in Truedrive. I don’t think that is to the benefit of either Granite or any single user.

  • I would like that I can count on that settings that are important to me are not only making their way to some other, newer, fancier wheel base next month. This is just me not liking the picked route of Granite on the differentiation in their products. Anybody else might be just fine.

I would like to avoid the switch, honestly, as I have better things I want to spend my time on.

These are strictly my own assumptions and conclusions and if I didn’t care for low level forces as I do, I wouldn’t care. But from my perspective: Where does my steering wheel sit most? In the center with low forces.

Maybe my priorities and thoughts don’t make sense for most, but they do for at least this single user.

Still it’s great hardware, just being held back by the software. Mostly sport and pro, but even the ultimate is held back when set at less than 100% nm setting.


While I usually use 100% TDM and lower input signal in sim, unless sim does not have that control like DR2, trying to understand what led you believe that lowering max force in TD makes it performing worse than at max 100%.
Mika can probably explain better, but all it does is set max amperage, when current amperage draw is variable depending on input signal demand.

I can feel the difference very clearly running certain sims and configurations.

When I run TD at 100 and in game at 50 the low forces feel miles better than running lower in TD and higher in game settings.

I speculate slew rate and any other physical thing is performing worse as the current (NM setting) is lowered. It feels like it for sure. As I have understood @Mika this makes sense and as I have heard him it is correct that if we could limit and scale the input signal as well, this would be remediated by doing that while running full NM at the output. So would be good if these input adjustments were added to what is already there.

@kledsen what exactly feels worse in the low forces? And what sim are you referring to?

I just tried setting TD back to 100% and lowering ingame, in stead of my preferred setting whicj is exactly the other way around.
The most noticeable difference I feel is all the scattery noise which is completely unrealistic and shouldn’t be felt IMO. So I’m wondering if that is the low force detail you’re referring to?
I’m talking about iracing btw.

No, it is not noise I am talking about. Iceracing has very low frequency data that I don’t like at all and that is the source of the scatter noise you mention.

It is from Ams2 and PC2 running custom ffb files that I control completely, so I am very sure of this, and it’s not noise being stronger. It is better described as just a fuller feeling at lower forces, the motor more able to get to and keep the wanted forces more precisely. Fidelity feels higher, possibly there are improvements in multiple ways.

(I am sorry that it seems nothing, except for irffb to some degree, might help the misery that is iceracing ffb output as it is these days. Looking forward to the day they prioritize this more. The 60hz output frequency is one important piece to that, but not the only one.)