Simucube 2 release 2020.3 grainy feel issue

Worked perfect. Thanks! No grainy or rubbery effects when turning, unit is smooth again

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I can confirm, the downgrade was successful, no settings lost, and the motor is BEAUTIFULLY smooth again. It definitely was not a placebo. I tried 2020.3 right before the downgrade and tested 2020.1 as soon as it finished both at the desktop and in-game, and 2020.1 was definitely smoother. Thank you Mika.

don’t make me add that text to the end

downgrade perfect.The SC2 Pro is back perfect, thanks

I did not understand well help me please

I just succeeded I did not leave space for words

I just unzipped 2020.3 to a different folder. So now I can pick either 2020.1 or 2020.3

in the end I came back to the Simucube_2_True_Drive_2020.3. once properly set up, it’s really great

Thank Mika ! work wonderfull !! :slight_smile:

Thanks Mika, downgrade worked and grainy feeling is gone.

2020.3 feels great to me. Not sure, but is this related to a particular batch or version that is having the grainy issue?

I have a January batch 9 version.

Downgraded to 2020.1 - grainy feel is gone

The motors and the electronics have been identical for the lifetime of the product,except for the differences after the first produced batch.

We are still trying to both a) reproduce the issue and b) find the software difference.


What is the latest number of first batch?

Hi Guys,
Just for the record, I have 3x first-batch controllers here and none of them have this issue. Let Mika and the team figure out where the issue are, I think running all over the show with hypothesis about controller hw and servos is not helping.

They will figure it out.



Remote session with affected customer might be helpful, unless team can reproduce it already or knows what it is.

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I did this too & the downgrade worked with no added grainy stuff.

However I have today installed the 2020.3 AGAIN & this second time the grainy did NOT appear…
I have no doubt I had the issue the first time I upgraded.

Can anybody confirm if this happens to them as well?
That on second time upgrade the issue is not there any more?

Only if you’re willing to try to upgrade to 2020.3 again, of course.


Hello Mika,

I know that it’s rare but…

Maybe an issues on encoder calibration mismatch?
I suggest to ask to one customer that have the issues and try to recalibrate the unit.

Some people after downgrade have upgraded again and the issues was fixed.

Encoder calibration issue would cause issues in all firmware versions.

There is one interesting thing I have noticed today, not sure if related to all those noise reports.
Starting SteamVR activates DI Sine Effect in TD if servo is running.
You can clear it by clicking Reset FFB device state on Advanced Information tab (last one).